>on clichés and other dragons


packing bags for a Tour de Universe, loading my dragon
with all the clichés I can find (quite a few), binding most
of them on his clifty back and feed him some as a starter

(taste is not bad, at least if you’re a dragon) and off we go,
moon direction, mars direction riding on milky ways, heroes
of the galaxies. small dragon, even smaller me and so packed

with clichés that actually some of the stars may suffer and all
the poets, staring at the sky shouting

eyes wide open in unrestrained horror and Luke Skywalker,
taking his red pen, marking, shaking his head and (IMHO)
he’s right…no? but out in cosmos, who cares? the earth is

small from here.. we hyphenate spaces & scatter small print
(upper case as well) light-handed like fluffy snow-flakes across
dark, forgotten and syllable-empty universes (the clichés like

it up here, they have no easy life on earth anyway) so they
somersault happily, enjoying their short-lived reign before
fading, dying down, disappearing in poetic black holes and,

rubbing my eyes, hugging my dragon (wouldn’t kiss him,
you know his breath.. too hot…), I start wondering if they ever
have existed and in case (just hypothetical) I’d start to cry,

moaning all the lost words – half-mast my prose flag, the tears
won’t fall but zero gravity would carry them so floatingly through
time and space.. and one day, you’d find them, frozen and

crystalline, wrap ‘em like a bead round your neck – relics of a
time when clichés used to mingle with poetry like moondust
with the american dream, an ongoing temptation… riding the

dragon, incognito (names are dangerous when you deal with
clichés), exploring those undercover spots, inhaling steamy
dragon-breath (including some fiery flames when he gets excited)

chills sliding down my neck and up my spine til I start shivering
(cause it feels so good..) and wonder if we should stay a bit and
together, dream the planet
increasingly blue

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57 responses to “>on clichés and other dragons

  1. >Good God, Claudia!! Simply brilliant!! I just rode on your imagery here, and boyy!!! Did I drift in space or what!!! Enjoyed this intergalactic ride like none other!!! "we hyphenate spaces & scatter small print (upper case as well) light-handed like fluffy snow-flakes across dark, forgotten and syllable-empty universes" — these lines were just AMAZING!!!! You really are a wonder wordsmith, C!!! If clichés are to ever get tangled in your web of words, trust me, they CERTAINLY won't think of it as just a poetic black hole! They would be HONORED to be there!!!

  2. >Epic tale, Claudia, beautifully written and spoken. You know that they are only cliche's because they are so true everyone knows them. I'd rather have a good solid well cooked cliche than a poorly roasted improbability, anyway. Excellent piece.

  3. >Claudia this is amazing!!!! Oh what a gift to stop by and hear and see you tell this fantastic poem/story…I feel so blessed. And yes…chills, the kind one feels in their heart when a certain combination of chords are played….music, awakening powerful resonance. Thank you!

  4. >Thank you Claudia for this exhilarating tale and for telling it to us yourself…so bold..almost as though you were flying to outerspace on the back of a dragon. Loved your allusions and in the back of my head, I kept saying, it's Shakespeare, isn't it? Is she consulting with Shakespeare? As with his work the experience was more than the words you used to tell it!

  5. >ha. love the video! what a fanciful tale claudia…to ride a dragon would be a dream in and of itself…but then you take us on a journey…chuckling at the response of the poets…

  6. >I love that you've really gotten into the videos and audio readings now Claudia – adds a whole other great and fun dimension to your work. Such a dream! One I actually demanded become reality when I was real little…heh. A beautiful one you've brought us here today, with a tale that tugs us to all the starkest corners – lovely.

  7. >How wonderful to hear you read this aloud, and with such expression. I love the unexpected mix of cliches and dragons, and so many of the phrases and lines – "half-mast my prose flag", "syllable-empty universes", the tears that zero gravity carries off.Memorable!

  8. >You look and sound great in the video! This is so vast, Claudia. And yet the part of your message that sticks is that I feel encouraged to keep writing prose and poetry, with or without cliches, with or without dragons, because, hey, what else is a writer/poet-wanna-be to do anyway?Fantastic, as always!

  9. >wonderful to experience you and your poetry like this Claudia! It's so exciting to be a witness to your creative process. i have gratitude for your presence in my life…one shot…fantastic choice!

  10. >Another wonderful reading! Two in one day, how did we get so lucky? I loved this adventure you took us on. So creative you are. Thank you very much for sharing!

  11. >Such a storyteller, children must LOVE you. What a brilliant piece and performance and it's wonderful to finally put the voice to the name. I especially loved the image of tears Not falling in zero gravity.

  12. >Amazing presentation! – and fine poetry too. I think that the video of your delivery enhances already wonderful poetry. Well done!!!All the best, Boonie

  13. >Poetry slam in the cyberspace. Rope the dragon and try to tame him….I think not. Thanks for another audio interpretation of your stuff. excellent.

  14. >Oh my, Claudia. I'm astounded by this poem and how beautifully you read it. I can't help but think that those who do not read your writing are deprived of art's depth. This is beautiful.

  15. >This post is a wonderful treat, Claudia. Your reading is a special gift from you to us.And what a neat trip into galaxy landWhat I'd like to sayIs a short cliche.Rather than write one and fallI'll just tell myself:If you've heard one…you've heard 'em all."

  16. >Hello Claudia,Amazing! I read the poem at first and was quite astonished at the flow, gently tipping from one word to the next, not forced…just gently tipping. I then listened to your understated and powerful delivery and again, astonishing.Gwylym Owen

  17. >True brlliance! I loved how this read and I loved how you read it (oh and love your accent too!! ;)) ~ This is really really fabulous. Your voice, the video give it even greater life. You darling are one-of-a-kind ~ no cliches!!! Loved this!!!! ~April

  18. >dream the planet increasingly blue. american dream. dangerous cliches. where would one start with this poem? you are a true, true original!!Wow, what a treat to meet you on video, my poetess!This is so so so amazing, Claudia.

  19. >BRILLIANT!!Felt myself part of the journey.Your voice gave the words life.I feel my body tense with every word.Dare not breathe lest I miss a word.Wonderful Video.Fabulous Storyteller.LOVE IT!

  20. >That was so cool! You have the perfect voice to match your wonderfully artistic poetry! Outstanding reading, thanks for taking the time to share this with us.PS. My boys just watched "How to Train Your Dragon" last night. This reminded me of it.

  21. >I enjoyd the vivid imagery here. Liked it so much.. ॐ नमः शिवायOm Namah ShivayaTwitter @VerseEveryDayhttp://shadowdancingwithmind.blogspot.com

  22. >Hi! Claudia Schönfeld,Claudia Schönfeld…Speak!and if I may add very beautifully too!I have to agree with the previous commenter nice use Of the spoken word, imagery, and to experience your visual expression(s) as you read to your readers.Thanks, for sharing!DeeDee ;-D

  23. >Ah, you too saw "How To Train Your Dragon" over the holidays or is it only serendipitous that I flashed on that movie? Didn't change the fact that this is an awesome piece!! Especially loved "relics of atime when clichés used to mingle with poetry like moondustwith the american dream" but so much was good and ethereal, dear Claudia. Thank you so much.