>she’s an artist, ya know


Photo: Feininger, Andreas, 1906-1999, photographer

she’s an artist, ya know, sitting
next to you in the car and how
could the landscape only be blue

gritty or beautiful. no it
whispers with raw silence &
empties its barren soil on

your shoulder til you feel
coolness melting in circles on
skin and with the snowflakes

you fall (without even jumping)
into small crystalline dots.
she’s a poet, ya know and

her neck seems to have just
the right size when streetblues
swarms on her and, with one

foot on the brake, guess what
you want is much more than
freedom on silent roads and

wide wells of snow dusted
canyons and being glued to
rough lips, seeing beauty before

spring would come. you’ve
just no clue how to ever find
mapping words for driving
this lonely road ahead

this was written for the one shoot sunday picture prompt over at One Stop Poetry – wanna join us..? 


26 responses to “>she’s an artist, ya know

  1. >Wonderful flow uniting the stanzas! Lovely poem, Claudia. The idea of snow falling as the other party falls for a poet. Always enjoy how your imagery connects to create very telling scenes with sensory language. Cheers!

  2. >Great twisty transitions in both thoughts and words. Read it twice and could probably read it twice more and find more to appreciate. Moody and layered, very good piece.

  3. >This is so layered, Claudia, that it's like peeling back bits of skin to reveal the bones…and tucked inside those bones is the marrow of a poet.

  4. >I don't mean to comment on comments but Talon's poetic response seals it for me. Isn't it funny how the comments become poetry in and of themselves? Claudia, your layered, sensory synthesis welds the pieces together.

  5. >I like all that's within this line: "seeing beauty before/ spring would come". Nice contrast of the images of the poet with "you" who has "just no clue to ever find / mapping words for driving / this lonely road ahead".

  6. >Lovely. I agree with Brian – artists seem to seek out lonely roads. I know I used to all the time. I thought it made me better somehow. I mostly stopped doing that some time ago, but once in a while, that road still beckons…Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll be back!