>milky ways

>maybe it’s just this little farm girl in me,
longing to catch flies without ever washing
hands again and looking at people from

behind trees, hiding and observing their
high-heel struggles, how they bend heads or
lift shoulders when approached. a weird

way of clearing throats when ordering
coffee to go while loving to stay, adding
sugar plus milk instead of drinking black

cause black is everything else and on milky
ways we sip on how life could taste and
probably never will, as wearing white shirts

will make no big difference with all what
colors and stains the minds. need to see?
sometimes you’re looked at and you’re

all glass and bareness on coffee stained
tables, searching for cream, life hiding
behind full moon and sun-glassed faked

fun-rides, tryin’ to catch those high-pitched
tunes with drivin’-you-sick precision, and
no tablecloth far and wide


9 responses to “>milky ways

  1. >I had to read this twice. I love so many of the lines here, and the sad message of life struggles in "milky way" fashion As always, so well done. Have a great weekend.

  2. >These lines in particular reached out to me: "need to see?sometimes you’re looked at and you'reall glass and bareness on coffee stained"Lovely all around – kept dragging my mind to all the coffee shops about campus, though. And you're right, so much of life is hiding and hidden behind "full moon and sun-glassed faked fun-rides"…such a unique way of putting it.

  3. >Mmm, I like the rhythm of this Claudia. Not anything I can particularly put my finger on.Just the feel of trying to be what other people think you should be, but losing yourself in the process. It has a slightly melancholy feel to it I think.

  4. >You're on a roll with your farm-kid imagery, Claudia. This is a lovely poem of undulating rhythm with the occasional full stop against a probing phrase-I also liked "you'reall glass and bareness on coffee stained tables," and "drivin’-you-sick precision" even more.

  5. >Black coffee the real life expression of the nows happening. Read this one three times….had to slow down and sip on this hot brew. fascinating. Nice write from behind the tree.