>dragon-flight into my heart, pinpoint landing on a

platform, built of black coffee & wet rain. what
you leave when you leave is much more than

charcoal-dusted smells of blazing fires, consuming

treasures, i didn’t know about, getting lost beneath
piled sugar cubes of hopes & dreams.

today i shout crystal-frost into silence & breathe


what can you say in 55 words? linking up with g-man


23 responses to “>platforms

  1. >Holy Smokes Claudia…You sure ran the gamut of descriptive brilliance here…Fantastic 55 My Friend.Thanks for playing, thanks for your well wishes, and have a Kick Ass Week-End….G

  2. >I love this. I must come back and read again, but as always your words speak beyond the rational. They are words of contemplation of life and heart.

  3. >Like Mama Zen, the line "pinpoint landing on a/platform, built of black coffee & wet rain…" really hooked me. Lavish description and bright bright images one after the other make this an exceptionally chewy 55. Great work.