>poetry on dirty faces

>write my heart into words – life onto paper til it’s covered
with black dots like fly dirt on the ceiling of your room
or in the cow stable my uncle Sepp used to have. and i try

to catch words like we tried to catch flies among cattle,
friendly tuned with their deep “moo” and never washed 
our hands (of course). we were dirty, smelling badly and

abundantly hungry – for life, for hope, for righteousness
and sausages and like we searched the farm for forgotten
eggs, i search my soul for words and wish they’d smell

like those sun-warmed seven week old lucky-hen finds.
we spilled ’em on the ground (part of the fun) and my, i
tell you – we didn’t know and didn’t care about Chanel, no

matter which number. part of the fun i say – and we were
never tired of anything. now-moments, now-laughter,
now-tears and now-heartbreak – just before the sun would
shine again and childhood poetry appeared on dirty faces.

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47 responses to “>poetry on dirty faces

  1. >I really dug this."abundantly hungry for life, for hope, for righteousness and sausages".. That's a killer hook. The intro threw me off a bit, but when you smash face first into the memories and narrative, it becomes fantastic.

  2. >Ahhh…I can relate! found some old hen eggs yesterday and boy did they stink!! this is a great childhood memory poem….it resonates deeply in anyone who grew up on a farm.Lovely and haunting!Lady Nyo

  3. >oh wow – i LOVE this….i grew up dirty and smelly — although it was horses, not cows — and you've captured those days beautifully…those WERE days of poetry."write my heart into words" (gasp…swoon) LOVE this…

  4. >Loved the very down on the farm imagery in the piece – reeks of a beautiful reflection, I bet that it would resonate even more deeply with me if I'd had even a single experience with the farm life…but alas, I am a child of the suburbs! Wonderful memory though, Claudia – sounds like quite the childhood. I particularly love your opening line this week: "Write my heart into words…" because it's something you're very good at!

  5. >ooooohhh, I love it! I have goosebumps. Childhood, such as the one you described, IS poetry through and through. You captured this beautifully here. Thanks!

  6. >I love the wish to capture the carefree joys of childhood in the words of a poem, even if they were a bit smelly. They were still filled with joy.

  7. >Love the setting of your poem,Claudia.Gave your words an earthly taste.So easy to relate like it was my own.Abudantly hungry..for life,for hope,for righteousness.This is so very true.

  8. >writing your heart into words- something you are very good at Claudia. I love this pining for a simpler time. Nice One shot Claudia

  9. >Yes, the innocence, purity, and okay-to-be-dirty attitude of our youth. Splattering eggs sounds like fun. And I like the extra touch of "didn't know and didn't care about Chanel." Nice. 😉

  10. >Very well written..I loved these twoo lines the most.."write my heart into words – life onto paper til it's covered""abundantly hungry – for life, for hope, for righteousness":)

  11. >Some words so good they are can never stink, these one could… but of course they smell better than <chanel- whatever Numnber…Great one

  12. >Yes, Claudia, I like your poetry more and more… I had a look at your villanelle, looks excellent, especially for a first! I think form poetry suits you well… you even did it in iambic pentameter…Like the villanellesque structure here also. And in particular the run-on lines that stride over stanzas. Creates more interest for the reader, a little unusual without being completely disjointed.Warmest SaladLuke @ WordSaladps. great to have finally joined OSW

  13. >Many put their heart and soul into words, but few do it so good as you.Even today as I bike down a country road, the smells take me to where I was born and lived, and I revel in those memories of Skunk, manure, onions wild, and dirty faces. Thank you.

  14. >Here's hoping for more smelly words! 🙂 I truly enjoy every poem I get a chance to stop over here and read. You are so talented.

  15. >i went and picked up my niece from school today, like i often do. she's six, and one of her classmates, a boy, was telling her about this amazing thing he did, which was to climb up on the huge garbage dumpster in the parking lot outside. his face was so honest and beautiful as he recounted this incredible accomplishment, and it took my breath away a little to watch him. honestly, that last graph of yours took the wind out of me the same way. you breathed life into this piece.

  16. >Oooohhh.. AWESOME!! I so sooooo loved the pace of this poem… This is truly one of the finest of your pieces, Claudia (IMHO)…Really, the innocence of childhood in contrast with the lost innocence with adulthood – this has been so wonderfully portrayed here! And GOOD LORD! All those metaphors, and every punctuation has a double entendre to it.. it's really amazing, C… Many hugs to you for this one! "tell you – we didn't know and didn't care about Chanel, no matter which number. " — I loved this THE MOST!! :))

  17. >the innocence of childhood and the memories described wonderfully through superb imagery and a voice that tells a story well… – quite evocative. Enjoyed the read.

  18. >I wholeheartedly agree with the last two lines (among the rest of the good ones) – poetry on dirty faces, indeed! It is everywhere and you do this secret justice. Don't stop – Daniel Jay.

  19. >we spilled 'em on the ground (part of the fun) and my, itell you – we didn't know and didn't care about Chanel, nomatter which number. part of the fun i say – and we werenever tired of anything. now-moments, now-laughter,now-tears and now-heartbreak – just before the sun wouldshine again and childhood poetry appeared on dirty faces.–my question is, why in the world Germany has no Oreos? kidding! *wink*:) thanks from the bottom of my hypothalamus that you visited my blog "Poems of Pinay". *hug* :] anyway! i want to visit that farm and catch for words like catching flies among the cattle…<3 :))

  20. >I see your imagination fully free and your memory fully harnessed. Golly Gee Claudia. It's time to get a book together. fly poop words on the ceiling…bizaar and sticky!