>..and i crumble like cake


on waves of wind-swept beats we ride,
close to where all the crossroads meet,

and throwing our recipes together (the
secret ones), create traffic jams on empty

roads when you smell life out of my neck,
suspiring, wishing all our mounted bridges

would lead to no- and everywhere as
i close mascara-heavy eyes and crumble

like cake under the liquid rhythm of
your breath

linking up with one shoot sunday at One Stop Poetry today

the above photo was taken by Lisa Michelle Arhontidis,

36 responses to “>..and i crumble like cake

  1. >Love the title and poem. Excellent write! Great lines, and…"would lead to no- and everywhere" The phrase felt to me like a moment of pause amid the described onrush.

  2. >Lavish and sensual words here, Claudia. I like very much how you've manage to pull in your interesting and unique analogies and make them work perfectly. "on waves of cream-filled beats we ride,close to where all the crossroads meet,"…Great writing.

  3. >so descriptively acurate…yet room to grow the imagination…from that image to crumbled cake…who would have thought?….Oh, yeah, you would!

  4. >Very very nice. Your sex and lust poems are the only ones to make sense to me these days. This one is a knife's edge, avoiding the threat of cliché's beautifully, full of breath and skin….

  5. >What a sweetly "traveled" writing, love the blend of "cake" and "crossroads"…wonderfully done!! 🙂 April

  6. >Interesting – your words take it to places I would not have thought to go. Sensual, but the imagery…you have such a unique skill for it. It is a rush of passion – wonderful write Claudia!

  7. >Wonderful Claudia – sounds like you were cooking with gas on the road to no and everywhere! Well done. GayHere's mine http:hollyheir.wordpress.comThanks

  8. >Love the crumbling like cake. Seems as if there is plenty of sweet frosting to be had here, too!Um…what is "suspiring"? It isn't in my dictionary. Then again, my dictionary sucks!