>snow-capped steps

>so how does one feel, leaned
against closed doors, balancin’

snow-capped steps, tryin’ hard
to look relaxed while cutting

shadow figures out of sunshine
relics with a knife, too blunt

to divide chocolate hearts into
pros and cons

linking up with willow at magpie tales


28 responses to “>snow-capped steps

  1. >A little dissonance in contractions–this seems a fairly formal little poem–but I love the sharp descriptive phrases and the short, concise structure that lay your well-drawn images out so neatly and cleanly.

  2. >Chocolate hearts!! Oh gee… feel like devouring them (minus the knife)Pros and cons ?? Chuck them… it's the chocolate I care about! 🙂 But seriously, what a take on the magpie, Claudia! The shadow figures emerging are so darned haunting!! Superbly written!

  3. >Hmm…fine image. Good title, too. Layered imagination – and hey, if those layers are of chocolate, I must say, I'm certainly a fan! Nice Magpie Claudia!