>tonight we dance,
dance the year

like firework
like moonwalker
like emulsion

neglect where we come from,
forget where we go

hang on to the stars with
odd smiles; silent orbits
washing down,

rubbing eternity with
skinned elbows, emptying

all our pockets
to be filled, filled again
once we land or choose, drifting

                      in space..

what can you say in 55 words? i’m linking up with g-man’s friday flash 55

Wishing you all a fantastic start into 2011!


>..and i write brown to stay earthed


want me to read it to you?

suddenly i can’t
see the world any more, letters
pile up like a storm surge,
pressing hard

against the walls
of my heart, shouting
for release, colored
black, blue, red, green, pink and i

write brown to stay earthed, watch the ink
drip, flow, emerge, forming streams,
puddles, rows and the birds in
my head start humming, all drunken and

easy feathers, wings against my brain,
long to fly, surf, conquer
vast skies and i open, open
doors, bind letters to balloons

with purple thread and watch
’em leave, yearning to join
and drift, attaching, hoping, longing
and kissing, loving, i bond,

release, let go while brown ink
keeps flooding
my fingers, desk, heart and touching
the wind, words fall back, bouncing,

tumbling, pulsating and i
net ’em like insects, pinning them
to white sheets with tears full
of salty deserts cause i know, i know

they carry the scent of rough winds
and blue skies, of thunderstorms and
untamed wildness, of bird’s croaks and
lover’s cries, of hoping & losing like

a hero and dancing like a child
behind a plain & unimpressive
brown-inked veil.

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>king protea holes in my soul


the king protea is the national flower of south africa

i fought for the wings against african skies
like a wild roaring lion in the steppe, they
tenderly feathered towards weary eyes,

inflaming imagination like bushfire when
fluid, white, viscous sails threw long
shadows on summer-tired days, melting my

dripping point to almost nothing – all ease
and freedom and wonder in hard beaten
lands. and painting the skies with my fingers,

moist with sweat i waited for the silky surplices
to cover red glowing king protea holes in my
soul – but they never managed.

this was inspired by a discussion between some crazy poets :=) if wings or surplices would be the better word in the poem of a lovely south african lady….leaving the conversation, i started to write…

>kissing her silent – a shadorma


 Photo credit: Adam Dustus – scene is part of Rockefeller Center, NYC
trumpets blow
flow low, echo wide
marching tight
and he longs
through the ever asking night
to kiss her silent

The Shadorma is a spanish poem form with six lines with a syllable pattern of 3/5/3/3/7/5 
this was written for the one shoot sunday picture prompt over 

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>lost coins

>maybe it’s a bit like
losing coins
on the sidewalk, they

slipped through a hole in
your pocket – unnoticed,
melting into powdery snow

like little sailors, falling
noiseless and no one collects
’em & who cares anyway? you

think you’ll miss them? well, it
may be a bit late. so you search
your pockets for close rattling metal

& what you find is the warmth of
your skin  and snowy air and you
feel a bit sad – or more – lost? hands

in your pocket, you look back
a long way, searching the snow
and wonder if it’s them that
got drowned or – was it you..

>filthy rags – a christmas rondel


This is my birthday poem for the one, who loves me most, for him who started his humble walk in a stable and went all the way to the cross because he loved us more than his life. Don’t know where i were without him – he saved me more than once and I guess there are never enough words to express how much I owe him and how much I love him. So…. happy birthday Jesus…!

filthy rags

you come to me when i expect it least
and cover me with wings as with a coat
i find no words to tell you what i hope
just stunned as you invite me to your feast
you take away what’s old and used and greased
on water, i walk straight towards your boat
you come to me when i expect it least
and cover me with wings as with a coat
in fear of drowning all my movements freeze
my song stuck somewhere deep down in my throat
and filthy rags are scattered on the road
your love for me has never ever ceased
you come to me when i expect it. least
Merry Christmas to all of you!

(the rondel was invented in the 14th century, rhyme scheme is ABba abAB abbaA)


>i meet you during lunch-break promenades
you walk your black dog along snowy fields, you’re
blind and I stop singing silent songs for fear

my voice would give away what’s deeply hidden,
well concealed. you’ll hear my steps, deflowering
earthy ground and somehow, as we pass, i

feel like empty jars, all fragile, nude with heavy
drops of red wine stealing, running, trickling
down curved glasses, mingled joy with sticky lip gloss

love-mad saliva – deposits and relics, smelling
of a time before fierce droughts would hit my land, when
i got drunk on lovers juices, inhaling tears,

afraid my voice, my breath, the way i step on
snowy ground would soon reveal what was forgotten and
untouched, invisible. and you may hear & feel & sense

the shadows of my soul like blurred past dirty mirrors  
fleeting crash-ice towards spring-bound hopes,
all broken, scattered flowerseeds, entwined & caught

in barren branches, buried, drowned in endless darkened
aisles and winding up and down my veins – cardiologic
beating, pulsing, pulsing, pulsing as you pass

(and from your smile i know you saw me..)

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