>what it is – a rap collaboration with Immanuel


First poem i wrote in rap style and thought it would be nice to really have it rapped – so i asked Immanuel if he would do the vocals – he did – and an amazing job i think.  thanks again!

what it is

it’s this genuine life
that’s precious to me
liftin’ me high up in the air
and lets me dive into the sea

it’s your brush
paintin’ my future bright
makes my heart pace fast
stirrin’ my longing for the light

it’s a free flow fall
killin’ all the pain
quietenin’ these voices
drivin’ me insane

it’s jumping walls
bein’ real with you and me
lookin’ into your eyes
it’s my reflection i see

it’s got me letting go
no need to control
shed blood floods my sins
you makin’ me whole

it’s comin’ ya close
findin’ shelter from the rain
cuttin’ loose these bonds
and the freedom i claim

it’s got me letting go
no need to control
shed blood floods my sins
makin’ me
makin’ me whole
ya know?

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49 responses to “>what it is – a rap collaboration with Immanuel

  1. >Oh yeaaa.. baby, yea I know!Dig the cool rap, yo! :)Come one and jus' let goGo..jus' go with the flo' :)Claudia, your poem was really cool! I totally enjoyed it… and the message was super awesome too!

  2. >That! Was a trip! I liked the poem as is, but the rap music/reading raised it to a different level.Wow….inventive and astounding~!Lady Nyo

  3. >Hi! Claudia…Thanks, for sharing the words which flow and the sound(s) has an alluring quality.To be honest, I wondered what your words would sound like if music was added or in a song form. Now, I know!Claudia, I think that you have a new profession…songwriter!Thanks, for sharing!DeeDee ;-D