>warm liquid spills across my skin and
goose bumps drown in soap-warm foam
glimmering candles, keeping me company,
the window-knocking rain – locked out
flames flicker, twinkle towards shut-down
eye lids, throw image fragments into
candle-scent like oil, melting, blending with
my shadows, exploding into soapy art; paint
cloudy skies with smarties-colored dreams

and i stay small and wet and warm and
like my feet and hands, my soul would shrivel
water-wrinkled, bubbling soap, let go – as
fireworks paint pyro wonders on my naked 
skin – and diving deep, i drown the rain.

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44 responses to “>diving

  1. >I really like it, but there are small things which I know you did intentionally which really scratch me the wrong way.I really dig the last stanza, really. Gorgeously tactile and sexual, it speaks of release and heat. In the first one, I really wish that it would have been "warm liquid spills" and not the other way around (it's a small thing but reads strangely to me).. Then soap-warm is a strange visual. I know exactly what you mean, but it kind of trips me. After that, it's great.

  2. >…mit nance marie kann ich nur sagen: ahhhh……ja, das liebe ich auch… und so, wie du das ausdrückst, dann wird es zu einem richtigen Genuss, einem Kunst-Genuss im Bad!…

  3. >It was bathnight in Wales tonight, and I would have gladly locked myself in and read this poem if it were not for a case of the bug!Glad I had time to relax with this poem Claudia.Shan@Awdures

  4. >I loved it. It was beautiful. Everyday I thank God I live in "the time of hot water". Clearly I would not have survived in earlier times. And what works better to keep the "cold at bay" than a warm bath. Thank you, Gay

  5. >That was some spellbinding imagery, Claudia! And now, I am in the mood of stepping into my bathtub… oohh.. your poem was so well worded, and magical!!

  6. >nice! beautiful words and warm imagery! makes me feel it, especially since our cold 'dead of winter' weather has come early.thank you Claudia

  7. >the window-knocking rain… creates a disturbing image which is almost forgotten about by the end of reading, due to the soothing effect of the lines as a whole

  8. >the window-knocking rain… creates a disturbing image which is almost forgotten about by the end of reading, due to the soothing effect of the lines as a whole

  9. >Like peeking through a window into that private world our bodies and senses inhabit and that we too often shut out…too many good lines to count. Nice one, Claudia, very well put-together.

  10. >Sensuous without doubt….and something that immediately pulled me in. Posing this poem against the cold, driving rain outside….water inside…is wonderful.And works so well.Uplifting poem….Lady Nyo

  11. >mmm, that was delicious. I love the visual of bath-time by candlelight with the soft sound of rain adding music in the background. Beautiful and maybe worth a dip into after the kids go to bed. 🙂

  12. >I love the imagery…and I can hardly wait to visit my next bar of soap.So well written I am afraid to close my eyes lest I come upon your nakedness!

  13. >I like the contrasts between the "warm liquid spills" of the bath, "the window-knocking rain – locked out", and then the rain drowned. Quite a sensuous experience you conjured.

  14. >Hi Claudta…Thanks for visiting my site and for the feedback…I'll add the comment section under each weeks poem as you suggested…one of those things I never thought of!By the way, how did you get the comment section you use? I like it and would like to do the same thing…Have a wonderful evening and enjoy the rest of Thanksgiving Day!