>my prose flame

>i’m blazing words
&dream-drink poetry
in thunderstorms
join in&we may get a prose flame burning
set the town on fire
&syllable-dance in a snow-covered yard

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23 responses to “>my prose flame

  1. >…Worte sind wie Flammen…sie können entzünden…ein Herz… eine Seele… eine Stadt!…viele Flammen lösen einen Großbrand aus…das kann gut sein, aber auch vernichtend…danke Claudia, schön hast du das wieder gesagt…

  2. >i believe you do set the town on fire with your amazing dance with words!love this 'I am blazing words and dream drink poetry'thank you

  3. >My kind of dance – great word use Claudia, very unique way of putting it…now let's all have some prosy fun! Hope the syllables make good partners for you, around that passionate flame…

  4. >ClaudiaYou have such a passionate soul my friend, words from the heart and soul can melt those snows, and set the hearts ablaze dancing in the rain. As anyone who has danced in the rain can certainly tell you YES to your poem.smiles joanny