>out of balance

>(out of balance)

i saw you lurching down
the road, unsteadily steady
your weight back – up – aargh!
and forth – oh no – and.. yes
i envied you balance the
imbalance, bereft of poise, and yet
withstanding gravity‘s forces, lurking
for your downfall – a matter
of (what) time. left? wishing
i had some of your equilibrium.

what can you say in 55 words? linking up with g-man


21 responses to “>out of balance

  1. >Sounds like a bunch of the people wandering around campus on Weekend…(only weekend? Nightly, rather…)…nights, on their way back from the various bars, clubs, parties, etc. Balance? Not really strong among them – and it's kind of a good thing to have as you're wandering through the road…Nice 55!

  2. >Wunderbar!!Claudia…This was like the Yin and Yang of 55'sOf course I Loved this!!A PERFECT balance if you ask me.Danke for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End…G

  3. >I saw a lurching Santa on the news yesterday. He finally lurched his last and fell in a Big Red heap in the parking garage…I hope no children saw that!

  4. >As I age I find I have much more inner balance than outer, and frequently lurch because my thoughts are so removed from paying attention to the moves I've made a million times. I enjoyed your perspective, as always, Claudia, and your amazing ability not to use too many words ever.

  5. >Balance the imbalance.I love that line!Speaks of how I wish I can do my life!Well,I am not one to stumble by myself physically.But I do fall on my face emotionally because of my own doing most of the time.well,sure envy those who can flip in the air and fall gracefully on the ground!Nice write ,Claudia!

  6. >Gee.. girl.. your imagery is simply stunning!! This one had me imagining all sorts of people!! Bending over, sideways, backwards (? yea…that too)Sometimes I really wonder how we manage to stand the way we do… is that the kinda balance we are really looking for? Hmm… thinking hard… :)Superb 55, Claudia!!