>liquid bareness

>find me lying
beneath trees
eyes closed and
covered with leaves

bygone summer
silent tunes
drinking in the fall of time
motionless; breathing
yesterday’s heartbeats

clouds gather,
black-paint the sky
blowing shadowed strength
marching to forces &
pouring freight
on fragile constructions

& what i thought
would hide me was washed
into liquid bareness
in less than seconds

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58 responses to “>liquid bareness

  1. >lovely description of change! seasons of life that bring change. Elements of thoughts that bring change. thoughtful and beautifully done!thank you

  2. >Eloquent as always, and a very effective blend of nature and self, mood and event. Very lyrical, as well: "..pouring freight/ on fragile constructions…" Enjoyed it.

  3. >That opening just reminded me of childhood all over again…could see a little me buried in those leaves, taking in the autumn. Introspective and eloquent, the language and the imagery leading us through this reflection – and in a manner well done. I particularly like the line "breathing yesterday's heartbeats" – a delightful way of putting it!

  4. >The older I get the longer I want to hide in the present tense wrapping the past and inevitably time washes it away. Spare but beautifully written.

  5. >clouds gather,black-paint the skyblowing shadowed strengthmarching to forces &pouring freighton fragile constructionslove the fluidity of this stanza dear friend. a beautiful poem.

  6. >Guten tag. Thanks for reminding people nothing and everything exists now. You are whatever you decide to be in the present moment. You are teacher, student and all things in the same moment. Alles gute!

  7. >Brilliant.I just love how your words describe not only the obvious but something deeper.Nature and Life!One can't exist without the other!Beautiful one shot,Claudia!As ,always!

  8. >I like the change to construction type words when the rains come. It is usually man that interupts our connection with nature. I mean, to me the storm represents humankind's ability to butt in to solitude…mush needed solitude from time to time. Nice muse Claudia.

  9. >That which we believe hides us can often disappear with little effort – leaving us exposed like the tree after a Fall rain or a day of wind. Fall seems to do that (here at least) remove the covers form the world, leaving it exposed for us to examine and discover beauty again.

  10. >Beautiful Claudia, I would have to agree with everyone else, you made the elements of ordinary into something that depicted in a lovely manner. ~April

  11. >Claudia, this is wonderful – so many images that draw me in.I especially love, "breathing yesterday's heartbeats" – amazing.My poetry looks so little beside this.

  12. >I have no words for your fabulous imagery, Claudia… All I know is, this is exactly how one would want to define that feeling of empty gravity sucking one's entire self into it!! I absolutely loved your wordplay here… it is way beyond perfection! Honestly!