>my self

>did i tell you…?
i am not beautiful.

i have these
ugly spots,
and bruises,
all over

and it requires
some love and
lots of courage

to like me

…as i am.

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25 responses to “>my self

  1. >Love has a wonderful way of seeing past all our imperfections to the person within. Only someone beautiful inside could write the lovely words you share with us.

  2. >I agree with tracyhsays, courage needed to love oneself and truly allow yourself to be loved, the rest follows. Great 160 in few lines.Di

  3. >This is titled 'Myself' … but surely this can't be about you Claudia!!! When I look upon your picture I see an adorable, bubbly young woman with an infectious smile.And when I read your words I see a beautiful mind.I too am guilty of this same kind of in-acceptance but sometimes we don't see ourselves with crystal clear clarity as others around us do. Go easy on yourself, your bruises & spots…You're beautiful just the way you are!