>you reach my shore

>your waves reach
my shore and
the endless
murmuring tides
of open waters
outpour into
a starlit nightsky. flooding
the edge of eternity, breathing
and bridging my disconnection
into unity. what
is lost,
my lostness
(and who could count the stars?)
in the space before
smiles; our wheels spin right
beside the moon

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29 responses to “>you reach my shore

  1. >whatis lost,my lostnessHey you PoetessLoving every single thing you writeI think I would count the stars if the one and I were together, symbollically of courseGreat 55!;)

  2. >i love that line too what is lost by my lostness!you take me away to the place only known in my soul. the endless sea, the 'forever' of the sounding waves the vastness. you, Claudia, inspire methank you!

  3. >Your words also may me think of a lover. It's funny that we each bring our own experiences to each work of art. What I think you're trying to express maybe totally different than what you were actually thinking. I love that.

  4. >This was So Romantic Claudia.What a passionate woman you are.Loved your 55Such a class act..Danke My Friend.And have a Kick Ass Week-End…G

  5. >Hi! Claudia, and Brian…I have to agree with your previous commenter(s), your words "flow" like water in a fountain…beautiful!Thanks, for sharing your Friday Flash 55 and I hope that you, Brian, and your readers, have a pleasant week-end too!DeeDee ;-D