>if you’d join me
on that cherry tree
we may just sit on the branches
for a while…. listening
..to each others silence

you would show me
what you see, how
the fieldflowers bend their face
towards the sun and lavishly
open their treasuries for the bees
to feast on

and i’d describe
how pillowy clouds
paint castles and kingdoms
across a spotless summer sky

and i may discover, i like the way
you look at the world

when we’d start to talk
about the stars, the sun and the moon
and how they keep pacing their orbit
with facile grace
i’d probably like the sound of your voice
and you’d love me humming along
the song of the sparkling nightsky

maybe you’d feed me
dark red cherries
until lips and hands are stained
with juices like blood
and at our
cherry-pit spitting contest
laugh so deep
that we almost fall off the branches

and i’d see the sparkles in your eyes
for the first time

perhaps you would take some leaves
to protect me
from the crackling rain
i would shield you from the wind
and wrapped in each other
like in liquid magic, we’d start
to trust

and one day
i would look at the tree
and realize, i forgot
how life has been without you

’cause like the tree we grew roots
and our leaves long
to touch

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59 responses to “>friendship

  1. >AWWWW!!! this is so beautiful…I love the transition from day to night of this post. This is like the notebook of poetry.Absolutely amazing… one of the best things I've read today.. LOVE IT!!! Makes me wanna fall in love on a cherry tree

  2. >C,To be honest, not my favourite thing from you. i think the listen to each other's silence takes away from the whole, and the last stanza i would argue should really be removed as it detracts from the whole.Just my two centimes

  3. >thanks anton for your honest feedback. was almost sure this is none of your favorites. i agree with listening to each others silence. it's kind of cliche but i wanted to express first to capture the other person before the talking and more starts. in the last stanza i refer to what is seen / leaves/ as a result to what has grown unseen/ roots.. it's my fav line in the poem …

  4. >WOW Claudia..the images you used in this magnificent poem are just beautiful! i was taken by the title..then the whole piece grasped me..:) i am enjoying your work so much..thank you for sharing..:)

  5. >The poem transported me to times past. I do miss the friends of my childhood and it's true, we've all grown expanding roots. I thought this was beautiful, sweet and gentle.

  6. >nice. to me this is a very playful verse…and carries and innosence…the cherry eating and spitting seeds brings back memories…and the taking up roots at teh end brings a more permanent feel to it…

  7. >"and i may discover, i like the way you look at the world"Something about that sounds so open and honest and vulnerable. I really like that.

  8. >What the best friendships/soul connections enjoy…A slow and gentle discovery, playful and kind. Magic, when it happens. Beautiful words…beginning to end.

  9. >The thoughts of two trees growing side by side and trying to touch each other with their leaves is really beautiful. I thought this was a lovely and thrilling read…probably one of your best work yet. Cheers!

  10. >I like the undertone of friendship and interrelation between what we know and what others know. To say that we are deficient without the perspective of others is harsh, but you suggest trust and I like that:)

  11. >Unflinchingly sweet, truly romantic and beautiful–a portrait of a bond so deep we all might be set to longing for it. As always, both the flow and the imagery of your wordplay is a thing to marvel at–certainly a piece that'd cheer anyone up in the reading.

  12. >It touches me-and that's the main thing I look for in a poem. I don't like dissecting poetry–as in this should go here and you should leave that out, etc. Takes the magic out of it, like looking at an x-ray of your lovers bones! The main thing is its overall effect–how you got there, well…you must have been doing something right!

  13. >The feelings evoked through an idyllic sense of setting is beautiful… I agree (w/forpuck) you could have ended it on the stanza before the last one—that particular stanza was one of my favorites in the poem.

  14. >I can swear I got goosebumps reading this! It was beautiful, dreamy, romantic…AND ALL TOO REAL!!! And those last few lines screamed out at me! An amazing poem!! And a lovely ode to friendship… I almost wish it were more tangible than it is…

  15. >A true love song caught in the notes of deep rooted feeling made so strong over time and sustained with the beautiful metaphor of the cherry tree. It hinted at Christmas and all year round in its branches and it its fruits.

  16. >Sooooo, romantic and pure…like a soft candlelight that has lasted for years…and years…Claudia your souls voice keeps getting stronger and stronger with each write….this is way up there on my list of your best writes….blessings…..bkm

  17. >There's joyfulness here, and delight in exploring and just being together. A number of lines stood out, including "the fieldflowers. . . open their treasuries" and "crackling rain".

  18. >This one takes you to two things.Love and Friendship.I guees how you view it makes the difference.I picture more of a love story here.But either way,lovely one shot,Claudia.

  19. >So many of your poems remind me of my husband and how much I need to appreciate him more. This made me think about how true it is that I have forgot what life was like before him, which shows how we've grown to become one.

  20. >i read every word…and savoured them…i thought this was a beautiful write…poetry for me is about expression and you sure expressed flowingly here…and i still cant believe english is not your first language

  21. >I loved this. You wove such a sumptuous tale of friendship growing into love, and the vivid images really added to the whole effect of this. As I read more and more poetry from this wonderful group of writers, it's so exciting to see all the different styles and to learn each poets voice. I could listen to yours for a very long time…

  22. >enchanting and dear to my heart. brings back so many memories of the cherry tree still standing in my mothers yard… love how captivate the moment!

  23. >I think this is lovely Claudia, a depiction of getting to know each other and sharing and yes I do believe silent moments can sometimes even speak louder than ones with words! Very nice

  24. >Claudia whether this is your best poem or not, I know I can come here and find beautiful images that hold pure love in their hearts. You always seem to be able to pen exquisite verse that makes one's heart sigh. I was looking for that today and you certainly did not disappoint. thank youKatherine

  25. >deep, rich images. i really like the moment you build here. pit-spitting contest does sound fun. i'd probably spit so hard in an effort to win (nerd alert!) that i'd fall backward:)

  26. >"'cause like the tree we grew roots" This poem rooted itself in my heart from the beginning, growing stronger and brighter with each passing word. There is an amazing sense of innocence and vulnerability in the poem as if you are viewing the birth of this friendship through the eyes of a child. It’s a soft, sweet lullaby one might sing to a friend or even a lover. Very well-written and conceived from first word to last. Well done!