>Blanc screen

>Instead of eating, I walk
shuffling through leaves
as through old songs
down to the roots of the hardly audible,
drifted on the wind

Try to catch my thoughts
as they blow rocket-high.

Like left-over ashes
from a long lapsed log fire
they scatter
across my storm-shaken brain
Feels like blanc screen before
or after?
the error alert

My breath forces weighty feathers
on light breezes,
they spill down, overstrained with flying
and crowd, crowd, crowd
my yard
while hen claws scratch acid sharp trenches
with no material left to backfill

Instead of “instead ofs”
I fall into that space into betweens,
glide deeper
Yes – I’m hungry;
paint blazing reflections
on my cheeks
as I walk away,
..wondering if they’d turn red
before the rooster crows
for the second time

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26 responses to “>Blanc screen

  1. >I can relate, I walk with you today.time for locking the office, eating something filling, and taking a nap.keep writing, this is moving!Di

  2. >nice. so this is the second one you wrote the other day…some interesting imagery that gives way your state of mind…and clarity in the unclarity. smiles.

  3. >Instead of a blanc screen I feel like there is a snow screen, pixels just floating aimlessly across a T.V. station gone asleep.(Sorry Claudia, talking about me …again.) These are good expressions of your journey. Sometimes I envy that in a lot of what I read on this blog network.

  4. >'try to catch my thoughts as they blow rocket high' …. how many of us can relate to that? Most of us I think…nicely written!

  5. >the confusion in your piece gives people a place to reset – like the blanc resets the redmy husband had just mentioned redhots when I was reading your red -somehow it fitget some rest my friend

  6. >hallo Cloudia,thank you for visiting my blog. I love what I've seen of your blog so far. Do you also write in German?I hoffe, du hast es mir nicht uebel genommen, dass ich die Bremer Stadtmusikanten etwas 'verrutscht' habe.I'd love to follow you, will you follow me?

  7. >Bounces you around a bit–takes you for a ride. Trying to take in all the images, reconcile them to my perceptions. Lovely work, makes a lot of food for thought, and some distinctly intriguing images…

  8. >I don't fully understand, but it's got wonderful images. I can identify with the thoughts scattering across a storm-shaken brain. And the allusion to the cheeks turning red before the rooster's second crowing is an excellent way of asking whether the conscience is in good order.

  9. >It appears that the brain and body took two separates walks here like a dream where one does not control the other and there separation create the surreal….nice Claudia…bkm

  10. >I read this twice to fully capture the feeling of it…love the emotion it drew. I agree, it does have a dream like quality-a sort of fuzzy morning, not quite awake brain feel to it. I liked it; it made me feel a little peaceful