>and i pluck letters like grapes

>thought i’d run out
of words
when i went for a walk
and there they were
wrapped in dried up leaves
scattered and somersaulting
on mossy ground
escaping a moist and rich soil
like earthworms
and i plucked letters
like ripe grapes
& drank ’em like wine
before the wetness of autumn
washes them into decay

what can you say in 55 words – jump over to g-man’s friday flash 55 to join in or read more



31 responses to “>and i pluck letters like grapes

  1. >OH, this is lovely. It has been a while since I have plucked letters like grapes and drank words like wine. . .Beautiful imagry Claudia. (but then, you always have the most amazing imagry:)

  2. >How do you do it?…and in 55 words? I bet it's true, you do pick up the words like grapes. I wish that would happen to me, I'd be going for endless walks.

  3. >Claudia…You My friend will NEVER run out of words!Beautiful 55.You Never fail to impress either.Danke for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End….G

  4. >I found plenty of wet leaves on my photographic jaunt yesterday. (I'll be posting the pictures on my photo blog soon)I don't think you'll ever run out of words, Claudia!

  5. >Masterful and beautiful. I always admire those who speak of (at least that's how I interpret this poem) writer's block with words that flow, as the soul always knew they would.xoxo