5 am in the kitchen 
we meet
slow motion
i kiss the cheeks of a boy
growing into a man
a smell of dream-dragons
fuming their trails
your skin still bed-warm
my lips 
like scanner-tills
mapping human genome
feeling for encrypted treasures
we touch a lot
standing in each others way
and you’re playing eminem for me

our busy morning silouettes

reflect in the night-dark window
as my heart paces along 
in the rhythm of the rap
and with every beat 
screams out 
how much i love you

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66 responses to “>silouettes

  1. >great piece claudia…love in the early morning moments between mom and son…and smiling at the eminem drop…bumping to it right now as i wait for my client…so i hear your beats…smiles.

  2. >Who would've thought Eminem would ever make an appearance in a love poem? Beautiful tribute for your One Shot, Claudia! And I hope you enjoy running the One Shot as a whole this week!

  3. >Claudia, love the poem and oh how i love those early morning moments. I really liked the line " our busy morning silouettes reflect in the night dark window" I love the time when the rest of the world isn't awake yet. xo

  4. >So very sweet Claudia…wish I could keep mine 4 for just awhile longer, lol 😉 ~Lovely mother and son bond. ~April

  5. >Nice poem. I'm actually trying to write a Mother/ Daughter poem for a friend's baptism. You gotta love Eminem, he is an amazing poet in his manner.

  6. >I have told my pregnant daughter that she has no idea what kind of love she is fixing to experience with this upcoming baby. There is nothing like a mothers love!! Wonderful piece Claudia!!

  7. >Beautiful, perfect really, your poem. I hear the rap (mind's ear) but find myself humming "Can you feel the love tonight…" (well, it's evening here while I'm reading).

  8. >Beautiful.Mother and Son!There's nothing like a great intimacy between mother and child to make the day right!So much love and affection.I guess a mother who truly loves her child will always remember the smallest of details about the child even after the child no longer does!Lovely one-shot!

  9. >we touch a lotstanding in each others wayand you're playing eminem for meThis entire piece is wonderful! Your love is captured brilliantly with a balance between the numinosity of love and the mundane aspects of day to day life…

  10. >I know this heart-wrenching love, for daughters not sons–your beautiful words conveyed it just as strongly as I feel it. A beautiful tribute to your relationship, Claudia. 🙂

  11. >The strong oral feel of the poem and some audacious imagery carry the theme really well. Ideally it needs to be available to us on audio file as well!

  12. >very nice Claudia!!! It really captures the beautiful relationship between Mom and son…things so important that we sometimes think insignificant…

  13. >I love the premise of your blog–to post whatever fragments come to mind. I wrote a lot of poetry in high school and college and this is making me want to start again. I haven't had the guts to put any of that stuff on my blog yet, but maybe one day . . .

  14. >Wow! This piece captures those moments I had with my sons somewhere between pride and heartbreak knowing they were growing up and away and wanting to let go and hold on; now they're having that happen with their own teens and it's a little easier as a grandmother..the way through their unknown seems clearer to me now. Lovely words, eloquently expressed. Thanks, GayPS Thanks again for your support.

  15. >a mom's delight! wonderful how you take in and love all the nuances and pleasures of having a loved one near. so nicely written.(as you were listening to eminem, 'rapper's delight' was one of the very first rap songs… seems so long ago:)