>almost motionless
face towards
glistening rays
of sunlight
like a famished flower
i stand

blissful explosions
of sunshine

     i        e         o       k
f                w                  s     
          r                   r         

on my face
warmth-hungry skin

i lust for
a sun-takeover
& happily surrender
to a masterpiece
of seduction
which unerringly strives
for climax
..when dark clouds
end our love affair

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36 responses to “>seduced

  1. >Claudia…You are on fire today Baby!I just Loved your 55..Your man has to have a permanent smile on his face.Danke for playing today…Have a Kick Ass Week-End…G

  2. >It was just such a day here yesterday. I was completely seduced and then left in the dark. πŸ™‚ I love the comparisons you make to a love affair, Claudia!Truly inspired!

  3. >:) I think we all got hit by the "fireworks" πŸ™‚ very well done! ~Seemed a "lustful" passion then so quick an end…as it would be…awesome writing! =))

  4. >Ooh La La, yes the fireworks, the old movies would always pan out when the couple would start to make love…and set off fireworks. those quick lustful romances, they feel so good for such a short while, but the fireworks in your poem, would tempt even the timid of heart to give lusty love a chance.Cheers,joannyhave a lovely week end and all that jazz.

  5. >Love the ending,"..when dark cloudsend our love affaircold-turkey."Clouds do have a way of raining on one's parade.PS: Try emailing me again, here's my email:terresaw@gmail.comI checked my spam folder and didn't have anything. Did you spell my name with 2 r's?