>they whisper
with broken voices
hoarse from singing
summertime songs
of lantern-lit garden parties
honey-bee stripes
and barefoot games

they whisper
echo through leaf tunnels
settle for darkness
touch reaped-empty fields
graze south-heading birds
with the broken voice
and the parting
love-mad lips
of a passed summer
let go

this was written for the One Shoot Sunday photo challenge – jump over and join us!


26 responses to “>summer-tired

  1. >I think this might be my very favorite poem you've written so far. I love the rhythm of these words. I love the images you've evoked here."bird-winged, summertime songs""honey-bee stripes""and the parting, love-mad lips"Actually, I could quote the whole thing, but that would be silly : )LOVELY.

  2. >Hi! Claudia…I really like this poem…Oh! yes, because it's very visual, but it also go hand-in-hand with the feelings that I was experiencing this morning as I looked out of my window as I watch summer giveway to let fall in its doorway.Thanks, for sharing!DeeDee ;-D

  3. >Oh my, it makes me long again for Summer. Here, the winters are long and chilling. I think I will come once in awhile, just to read this poem.Wysteria

  4. >Thanks for your iPhone lovelies this week, Claudia! Turned out a great One Shoot–and you've got a lovely poem going with. "bird-wingedsummertime songsof lantern-lit garden partiesparkbench-lovershoney-bee stripesand barefoot games"Such beautiful description…makes me long for the warmth again, and all the memories that go with. Such a gift, you have.

  5. >I really enjoyed reading the posts on your blog. I would like to invite you to come on over to my blog and check it out. God Bless, Lloyd

  6. >Beautiful. I envy your command of words. You weave them in such a way as to express something that goes beyond the rational and filters in to the soul.I love your writing.

  7. >You had me from the get go-"They whisperWith broken voices"I was hooked immediately on this piece and the rest didn't let me down. I really enjoyed this one