>overloaded&carelessly handled
it broke
stainless steel
yet 2weak 2stand that pressure
buckled it stared @ me with hollow eyes
& i
learned a lifelesson

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21 responses to “>overloaded

  1. >Phone? Laptop? Hum…is there a clue there? Eyes…what would that be that is also stainless steel? Camera? You got me! Now you totally have to tell us! :-)Or is the entire poem just a metaphor? Either way, I'm curious now.

  2. >it was a small stainless steel trolley at work…i thought i'm most effective if i also load this and that….and then i was a bit careless and it broke…and as i dealt with the results, the thought came to my mind, that it could've been me as well…i tend to overload and handle myself a bit careless sometimes…

  3. >I am so sorry to have to say that you have described my now circumstances perfectly here. I have been carelessly handled causing overload. I am broken and at this point feel like stainless steel. I am weak and the life lesson to learn is not understood as yet. I pray.HERE IS MINEPG

  4. >…ja, oft spüren wir zu spät, wenn wir uns zu viel aufgeladen haben, oder uns zu viel aufgeladen wurde…Zerbruch ist die Folge…aber eine gelernte Lektion ist immer Gewinn…