>tangled up

>lightweight leaves
carried on autumn‘s breath
tumble & stumble
from summer-tired trees
and get caught in your hair
as we walk silent roads
and i get a reason to touch
and while i gently unravel
invisible leave bonds
with tender hands
my heart gets tangled up
in the endless brown
of your eyes

what can you say in exactly 55 words – jump over to g-man’s friday flash 55 to join in or read more


29 responses to “>tangled up

  1. >Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww… I´ve been lost in endless brown eyes… it is one of the most beautiful experiences ever… getting lost inside a beloved one eyes is an outter space sensation and you captured it very well.

  2. >Romance is in the air!!My 55 is a double whammy this week, two for the price of one. Of course, as always, you need to scroll down below my Friday's Show n Tell.The link is HERE I'd love to have you stop by for a visit.

  3. >You are such a Romantic..I felt that I was strolling with you. (Hoping Maybe?..hehehe)Excellent 55 Claudia.You are such a fantastic writer..Danke My Dear.Have a Kick Ass Week-End

  4. >Ahhhh, 22 years married to the chest-hair guy, with two daughters AND a son!It's great getting to know you better, Claudia. (Much self-effacing giggling at realizing all this, as per your comment just now in Fusterland!)Is blogging GREAT fun,or what??!!:):)xoxo

  5. >Claudia Autumn's breath really a nice tone set for the rest of this wonderfully romantic 55er poem — a great love affair you are having with your sweet and lucky browned eyed man,,,,, Cheers,Joannyhttp://thedowsersdaughter.blogspot.com/

  6. >wow! Claudia your blog is beautiful and your 55 is intoxicating!…"color-drunken from summer-tired trees" may have to find a reason to use this line, it describes my yard at this moment!

  7. >Love the vivid colors Claudia! And I really got tangled up in the word choices that enliven the poem and invite the reader to walk with you down those 'silent roads'…Beautiful imagery.