>blue scales

>no matter how you start to play
soft and smooth like the touch of a bird’s wing
or full speed ahead like a formula one car
you touch me to the quick
my soul splits open like a glacier’s mouth
lets you in
inhales your breath close to my ears

you shoot electrified tunes through my veins
fire right at my heart
rhythm-rock my soul
calm me down
heat me up
and pull me to the point of no return

porous like sandstone i get
and transparent like a window
when all curtains are pulled back

your sound drips through the surface
to the hidden depths of my soul
and gets me caught in a cage of rhythm
struck by overtone lightning
real-proves wild tumbling emotions

covered with music you touch
those deep down spots
i usually wouldn’t allow someone in
soak me
til i’m wet and flooded with bluesy jazz tunes
sound-wrapped and spellbound

holding your breath for a second
you pause,
and enjoy what your play has done to me

you are stormy and desirous
tender and relaxed
and sometimes all at once and over and over
i long for the depth
and multiple layers of passion you breathe
join in, respond, give you back
and be one with a sound
that carries my heart on blue scales
and becomes part of me
to be stored for soundless days
when passion drains away
like rainwater in the desert
when i fear i’ll die with the last tune

at times i forget to pedal
and start to dream
so lost in your breath
and thatβ€˜s when i let you love me
all the way home

biking home from work, i have almost an hour to listen to some of the world’s best saxophone players, playing their jazz tunes just for me – right into my ears – and that’s how it feels..

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56 responses to “>blue scales

  1. >It sounds less like a bikeride and more like an evening with wine and candles! I miss how when I was finished playing trumpet, I could hold it by the bell and warm my hands with its energized metal. I imagine your sax feeling much the same.Intense post!

  2. >"Any day any hour all it takes is the power in my hands..this baby grand's been good to me" that's the way I feel about my piano; but you have a steamy romance with your sax. I love to listen to Burrell and Stanley Turrentine that way. It's awesome like your poem here. Great work. Excellent. Gay @beachanny

  3. >well hell this makes me want to take up cycling again i sure dont remember it being like this or id never of switched to a car πŸ˜‰ nice read thank you πŸ™‚ now im off to take a cold shower

  4. >Funny…I was just shuffling through songs on my Ipod and when I was reading your poem Miles Davis came on…lotsa good muted horn and Sax dribbles. Also funny, that one who values words and the order of them leans toward music without lyrics. Nice one shot.

  5. >I totally thought you were talking about a man till I read your explanation. Wow! Thats a bike ride. πŸ™‚ At a perfect time too.

  6. >Very sensual, Claudia! I was surprised to read that it was inspired by saxophone music.(Now I wish I played saxophone!)"my soul splits open like a glacier's mouth" was a great line!Great One Shot!

  7. >Such sensuality in the sound! Vivid, electric, divine…wow, Claudia, you do a marvelous job with your depiction of the feeling, the experience–it's almost hypnotically erotic in progression and expression. With lines like,"your sound drips through the surfaceto the hidden depths of my soul"Shudders are sparked. Can almost hear it as I sit hear–and wish that I was! Powerful piece.

  8. >"my soul splits open like a glacier's mouth"…….fantastic images. I remember when I was younger, riding my bike to the music in my headphones, boogying on the bike seat with joy…………your poem is wonderful – rich with imagery and sensation……….loved it!

  9. >Do you ever feel a need to light a cigarette after one of these sessions? Seriously Claudia I thought your poem was about sex. It was hot. I don't know, I think I'm listening to the wrong kind of music..

  10. >Ah Claudia what a beautiful poem. I love music and i loved to read your poem about music. Music does make a good inspiration for writing. Great One Shot and can't wait to read your next installment.

  11. >I read this on Tuesday and was having tech issues with the comment link.Yes, this is hot!A wonderful piece of writing, could be my favorite thing I've read this week.

  12. >These lines are stunning!I can read this piece every day."…you are stormy and desiroustender and relaxedand sometimes all at once and over and over i long for the depthand multiple layers of passion you breathejoin in, respond, give you back and be one with a sound that carries my heart on blue scalesand becomes part of me to be stored for soundless dayswhen passion drains away like rainwater in the desertwhen i fear i'll die with the last tune…"