>@ times it seems the light would flicker and withdraw
grow dim. i shiver and it feels like fading. but no, it’s
me who turned away, dipped my head, got dazzled by
spotlights and shut my eyes for a moment. and when i
look again, it’s there, shines bright, says yes
so good to see you!

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26 responses to “>dazzled

  1. >Hey Claudia, Here is MINE for this week. We are again having similar topics…I love yours–as usual. I found that sometimes one can see better when NOT 'seeing'.

  2. >Claudia…Some people do indeed have a light that brightens up a whole room.I bet YOU are a person like that!Loved your 55.I Love EVERYTHING you write.Danke My Dear, and have a Kick Ass Week-End…G

  3. >…hallo Claudia, es ist gut, dich zu lesen, danke!habe turbulente Wochen gerade hinter und vor mir, komme nur selten an den Blog. Aber ich freue mich immer, deine Gedanken zu lesen…

  4. >A thunderstorm of splints, eh?Guess who special I am working on a little sidebar button for because I think she is quite the lion-hearted poet and person?YOU!I too turn to spotlights instead of to what love and the sun are showing.xoxo

  5. >You are such a fantastic writer. I love this. Thank goodness for the look again 🙂 Well done. Have a wonderful weekend 🙂