>carry me home

>we met by chance on that parkbench and
opened a bottle of beer and you wrapped
your arm around and held me tight. My
head against your shoulder i felt for that
space between two shirt buttons that would
allow my exploring fingers to enter your heart
and i twirled your chest hair and felt your
warm skin while you were talking about
gasoline prices and our sons latest failures.
The sun soaked us with warm late summer light
and the wind blew autumn cool breath. And
i thought about shrinking myself the size i
could crawl in between those two buttons
and invade the warmth of your chest and
stretch out on naked skin, bury my face
amongst curly hair, inhale your masculinity
and let you carry me home..

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72 responses to “>carry me home

  1. >I've felt this way…and you express it beautifully and perfectly, Claudia. There is something beautiful and calming about a heartbeat…I wonder if it takes us back to the womb and the utter protection?

  2. >Wow, this and Love Flood just knocked me over. You are blessed to love so deeply and express it so well. I feel so fortunate to have found this space. You are an artist.

  3. >Sexy. Seems to hit all those sense that causes the little hairs to stand up and the pulse quicken. Great word usage and emotional development. Thanks so much, Gay @beachanny

  4. >Intimate emotion bared beautifully, Claudia. You have such a way with intimacy in your writing–truly your love must be deep, to produce such a lovely thing as this. Wonderful One Shot!

  5. >That was lovely. I think "invade your masculinity" kind of broke the flow and the magic for me, but the first three quarters are really strong. I read it and kind of thought "new lovers" and then it turns out that it's real affection and I was surprised and I liked that.

  6. >Georgeous, passionate, intimately sweet. Very well done! I love how these words flow so nice into the emotion, and surroundings of cool breezes and sunlight! 🙂 ~April

  7. >Typical male – he talks gas prices and shortcomings of his sons while he should be focused on you and wrapping you in his love. Excellent One Shot. Here is my contribution to One Shot this week – The Touch.

  8. >Yes Claudia, you DO know how to put those fine words together…but even more, you show us your heart, and how how you climbed into 'his' heart.And I hope he carried you home–grin!This poem is another example of your 'usual' UNUSUAL excellence!

  9. >I like it when our imaginations shrink us. This is intimate,yes.But it also reminded me of a great C.S.Lewis read: The Great Divorce…a bus trip between heaven and hell. He draws humans down to size. Odd but that is what it made me think of.

  10. >I can only agree with all the others' comments. You've created a beautifully intimate scene with wonderful detail – it has about it the quality of a film scene being played out, only just in words. The poem reads beautifully; I'd enjoy hearing it spoken.

  11. >Claudia, I could almost feel you moving in there… beautiful imagery and the way you have stuck to your own thoughts though his common issues tried to divert you from your focussed attention.. that was the turning point for me in the verse to keep clued into what you were feeling…ॐ नमः शिवायOm Namah ShivayaTwitter: @VerseEveryDayBlog: http://shadowdancingwithmind.blogspot.com

  12. >just a normal day on a park bench. Aren't those little extras worth each day with the man you love???thanks my dear a One Shot beautyglad you are with us on this One Shot adventureMoon hugs

  13. >no shortage of emotion here. I liked the details you added – the gas prices and two shirt buttons. This one creates images and does it well, great work Claudia!-J.

  14. >Half a poem. You could probably cut it in half & still deliver the same meaning. It's a good set up for something, but there's no relationship–just the self's craving. Other-izing male or female into a plain sex object doesn't really get any poem very far. But as far as those things go, you did a great job. You could really do something interesting with this, but I can't make specific suggestions beyond what I have: it's your poem.

  15. >so he carried you home….and then what happened…lets hope you let him put the telly in and watch the match LOL…seriously a great piece full of romance..cheers pete

  16. >Saw your comment on the blog. I misread, but I still think that inhale somehow sounds out of place in this. It's a complex word suddenly thrust in into a complex poem built of out simpler words.. It's probably just me.

  17. >I read and then read once more just to let your words absorb. Beautifully evocative, deeply private and quietly personal…and yet…we all relate. ~Shell