>love flood

>   like ivy
   your small hands
   around mine
   on day 1

   ..love flood…

   and today
   i envy
   the dust
   in the streets of La Paz
   to be close enough
   to kiss your feet

for a moment i thought my heart would crack when i stumbled upon that photo – she’s for a year in La Paz – i miss her!

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37 responses to “>love flood

  1. >"or a moment i thought my heart would crack when i stumbled upon that photo – she's for a year in La Paz – i miss her!"Hi! Claudia,Once again, I can almost sense how you feel (about your daughter temporary absent…) in your quote that I quoted…above.What a beautiful photograph…Thanks, for sharing!DeeDee ;-D

  2. >So sweet, Claudia – both pics and the beautiful sentiments. It's like a piece of our hearts is missing when they're away, isn't it?

  3. >Oh that was awesome!! Love flood!! I absolutely adore it. I have 2 girls, my oldest is expecting her first child and I have told her there is no feeling like you have for your kids! i can not wait for her to experience it!! This so touched my heart!!!!

  4. >This is the loveliest blog post I've read tonight, and maybe last night as well!!!Envy the dust–oh MY! To be close enough…WOW! To kiss your feet. Thisis WAY a lot of love here….and PEACE!

  5. >I love this. They always say, you will never understand until you have your own kids. But this explains it so very perfectly.xo

  6. >As someone said above…a mothers love for her children is a great mystery and a bond beyond all measure. I am witness to this every day. Beautful descrption of said mystery.

  7. >I have a daughter too. She's an adult and lives away. I totally relate to your lovely poem.What a beautiful picture. My heart melts to see it. Thank you.

  8. >OK I have to laugh at myself because when I read about the small hands, my mind immediately went to men and how much small hands gross me out..but you were talking about the baby.. lol

  9. >Stunning, Claudia. I hope her year abroad is full of good things. Letting go is so difficult…Victoriahttp://liv2write2day.wordpress.com/2010/10/03/sunday-160-sweet-ps/

  10. >Kids have a way of gripping our hearts all right. Mine are still both home, but it's getting close to when they will leave and I'm already getting the feel for how much I'll miss them.

  11. >Oh, such love, a mother's love. That first moment, that first touch…nothing else like it in the world. Sorry you're missing her, I'm sure she feels the same way.

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