>tcha – boom
drum lines pace
my veins

like speed trains lick
my legs
with flowing
cha – dum
earplugged they
through my brain
send shots of
electricity spine

dash – boom
hotwire my
i forget
who i am
to go
in rhythm
in a
drum pattern ocean

exactly one year ago i started to learn drums – and loved it..
but being convinced it’s too much to practise saxophone AND drums and hubby refusing to let me place a drum kit in our bedroom (he says it’s enough to share me with my sax..) i gave up on it…at least… for the moment…

what can you say in exactly 55 words – jump over to g-man’s friday flash 55 to join in or read more


36 responses to “>iDrum

  1. >i love the drums, it is the one thing i would learn to play if i had any musical talent at all, but i have none!! I love the way you wrote this!!!

  2. >Love the way you structure the words as well as the content. My fifteen year old daughter started drums this year. We have a basement/band room. We got her a kit and the rest got kaboodles. Actually we have a lot of musical talent around here. Classical guitar, acoustic, bass, keyboard…it can get really noisy sometimes…beuaticful noisy.

  3. >OUTSTANDING '55' Claudia! May I say "well-structured"???–grin!Does anyone at your house play violin? Or is that position open?YOU are such a GOOD blogger! Amazing!Many thoughtful lines, but here is what happens to me when I'm "into it":"…i forgetwho i amwhereto go…"Peace!Steve

  4. >Oh yeah my cousin had a set in his parents living room, behind the baby grand !He still plays-Go for it!Bar-ooom, Thanks.

  5. >In the bedroom Claudia? you were asking for that one —- Nice 55er I can hear you drumming from here, great beat,Cheers,Joanny

  6. >I love your 55. Sorry that you are no longer playing the drums but atleast you are still enjoying music via your sax. Have a great weekend.

  7. >This sounds like you had a real passion for drumming,(Especially that leg-licking part!)Maybe you'll be able to get back into it again. Heavy drum-beats in your 55, Claudia!

  8. >Za, za, a rocking mother–now there's a thing. Always wished I had a touch of the musical talent myself, but I find myself relegated to the appreciation of music, with none of the ability to produce it myself. Your passion shines through here, though. Beautiful.And I am looking forward to working with you at One Shot Claudia!

  9. >This is fabulous! I love playing a djembe drum. Life is too short not to*you captured it very well, down to my tapping toes*LITSNTDianne