>i sat in silence and watched flakes like snow….


                  slowly tumbling
         in circles of light
as they started to melt on bare skin
              i closed my eyes
                        to feel their light touch
      like butterfly’s wings
               like god’s breath
                         like eternity bowing down
                                    to kiss
     and melt a way through skin to heart
               wettening dusty paths to flood the depths
                              of a weary soul
  with gentle freshness

i sat in silence and with the flakes i slowly
       m   e   l          

until nothing was left to keep back
                 the tears

first sunday at a new church


23 responses to “>snowmelt

  1. >A beautiful shape poem, Claudia. You describe and capture a magnificent moment of epiphany, an awakening, a second of eternity. Your words are profound and enduring.

  2. >I have always felt that it is tears that lubricate the soul…Now I feel it is a good poem, then tears. Your ability to recieve moments and document them with words is greatly apprecieated here. Blessings.

  3. >Beautifully written! I could feel like I'm experiencing snow fall. Well, I never had this experience before since I lived near the equator and never travel during winter.

  4. >gorgeous , Claudia. hope the church is what you were looking for.I'm catching up slowly, missed a few posts here.thank you for commenting re my post at Emily's .I don' t want to think about my death. Nor do i really. But having seen it a few times, I think I felt the whole thing was sacred when it was whole. You know?

  5. >the f-a-l-l really sets a mood. god's breath and butterfly wings works real well one after another, like a one-two punch of powerful images. you have quality movement to your pieces.

  6. >" wettening dusty paths to flood the depths of a weary soul with gentle freshness"Lovely. Lovely form, too, the letters falling and melting with the words.

  7. >Thank you Claudia for sharing your talent. I love this poem for its sensuality and truth. I read the previous one also and love it for its tenderness.How do you manage to capture these feelings? You are gifted. Many blessings.

  8. >Oh my goodness, such a unique form, and the flow–marvelous! You are a wordsmith, and your words here melt like the snow itself. Gorgeous work, Claudia. Always a pleasure reading!