>a blue balloon

>You danced across the street – half flying – half rolling
and you looked blue and lightweight and forlorn.
You should be somewhere else – at a children’s
birthday party to absorb the laughter of an afternoon in
the garden and inhale the scent of sweat, orange juice,
excitement and friendship

You should sprint at a boy’s hand, run along the
beach and deep into a forest, be whatever his fantasy
tells you to be – Robin Hood, a proud stallion or a
mighty warrior – ready to fight side by side

You should be tied to a little girl’s bed, watch her
cheeks get warm and rosy and her hair curl like a
smooth frame around her sleepy face

You should fly away, explore the top of the mountains,
dance with the birds, reach for the universe and gaze
down on blue lakes and picturesque towns like a king,
admiring his kingdom.

But instead you are here, dragged by the wind across
a grey city street in thick morning darkness
And as i bike along, i hear a bang – the car driver
didn’t see or didn’t care – or both.

And my heartbeat stopped for a second – and my mouth
was dry – it hurt like it was me that got run down by
some careless foreigner’s car – a ghostrider in the darkness
on some lonely path.

And for a moment i felt stupid about caring that much
for a blue balloon.


17 responses to “>a blue balloon

  1. >You made me feel bad for a balloon, Claudia. How could you? :PSeriously though, how cool would it be to float so high above the forests and clouds, and see the unseen to-be-seens at the tops of mountains? Crazy cool, that's what. Blissful freedom!

  2. >Thanks for the ethereal trip and imaginations as you project yourself on blue air. I saw a yellow baloon escape from a used car lot flying to freedom on a blustery yesterday. Thanks for wondering out loud. WOL

  3. >The ending was beautiful and profound, Claudia. I remember, when I was very little, having a balloon that I loved greatly, and then one day, it slipped out of my grip and drifted away into the sky. The pain one feels at losing something one regarded as a friend is strong and aching. You capture this common emotion so well, a commentary on both the nature of childhood and the nature of humans.

  4. >I can feel the child in you, and mine as I watched a lost baby bird out of the nest, unable to fly.wonderful observations, Claudia.Thank you for sharing your writing.Dianne

  5. >oh claudia, not stupid at all, more childlike and i wish more had that same heart…love how you spun this out of something many would over look…thought…what is you took out the 'or' thus making all of the stanzas up to the turn start with you…makes it a bit more declarative…just a thought…

  6. >Lovely, Claudia. It's always surreal when we things out of context…and I think a lot of people wouldn't have given the blue balloon a second glance which makes this even more neat.

  7. >Very sentimental. I enjoyed the imaginary trip, the alternative world where the balloon should have been. Wonderful write even though it had a sad ending. I would have felt the same way when it popped. It amazes me how flexible your writing is, very inspiring!

  8. >WOW… you see… those 'I should' we tend to punish ourselves with and then, in a second, your life can vanish… Oh the moment– when will we learn to grasp it? But really grasp it..Great one Claudia!:)

  9. >Made me think of a time this summer when I was at the fair waiting for the concert to start, and I saw a balloon way off in the sky. Wondered how long it would last. There are plenty of good reasons to pay attention to little things – just as you have done. You just altered my perception of blue balloons.

  10. >i saw a balloon floating away in the sky yesterday and wondered about the kid that lost it. we're all kids that way, sighing at the sight of a balloon that's never coming back. you capture that well here.

  11. >…ja, Claudia, ein verirrter Ballon, getrieben vom Wind und den Strömungen…das birgt Assoziationen…wer hat ihn wohl verloren?wo hat er sich losgerissen?unter die Räder zu kommen, war nicht das Ziel…