>she left

>i left in the morning
in a black business suit
and never returned.
you were waiting desperately
for the woman you once married
to share your life and struggles
but missed to tell her.
we hurt each other badly
& the more you urged,
the more i withdrew
& when i came back late 
i wasn’t much more
than a stranger
for years

That was 7 years ago when i started to work again. My life changed, i changed, i was successful, i loved my work, i met lots of people and we didn’t manage to talk about the changes and what we expected from each other. Hubby was jealous, but played it down and i was mad because of his lack of support. 
We have survived, but it was a hard time and i hate to look back, but due to an event in our church tonight where i will talk about this time of change, i was forced to look back – and i’m so glad that – in the end – we made it.

looks like you can say a lot in just 55 words – written for g-man’s friday flash 55


30 responses to “>she left

  1. >Thank you for sharing this. So honest and real.I too struggle to balance career, marriage, and being a mom. This was a good reminder for me to try to keep my focus on what's important.

  2. >Claudia…I loved your 55…And the Back StoryYou Rock baby…Some men get intimidated by smart women..Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End….G

  3. >Claudia, there's a song, "Getting To Know You"…well, we are. You write a huge chuck of life so fearlessly honest. You win the admiration of many Peeps, and mine also. Thanks!PEACE!

  4. >This is so excellent. It proves that woman can survive and conquer if need be. Working things out in the end is a happy ending too."Pop…goes the weasel" is my link to my 55…just scroll down below the Halloween part. I do hope you can find time to visit with me! Have a super Friday, and a blessed weekend.

  5. >I know I don't know you all that well, Claudia, but I know enough to be glad that you and hubby DID make it. Like you, I would hate for anything to get between me and my better half. Great read, and inspiring. πŸ™‚

  6. >Claudia, it's the difficult times that truly do strengthen a relationship, I believe. Test it, too, sometimes, but it also reminds of the level of commitment when you work through it. Wonderful 55! I bet your talk is truly inspirational!

  7. >An entire story told in 55 words. You managed to capture the feelings well. And, I'm glad you both decided to stick and work through it and made it. Change is constant and we all must change with it…that is the cycle of growth.Blessings to you dear heart and good luck tonite,Rebecca

  8. >A powerful and poignant 55, Claudia, and I applaud your strength and candidness. I'm happy for you that you made it through the tough times πŸ™‚

  9. >Thanks my friend for sharing your experience. We can all learn from this and I just hope that if anyone else goes through what you did they have the courage and strength that you showed. Very well done and a powerful 55. Have a wonderful weekend πŸ™‚

  10. >Thank you Claudia for sharing such a personal story. I know after being married for so many years, there are so many phases of growth, of the relationship's death and rebirth. Glad yours survived and, I imagine, was enriched.

  11. >That is a powerful story my friend. I would say more couples go through this than we know. Happy that you could get through it.Smiles as you grow more lovely each day my dear.

  12. >this must have been hard to put out here…and painful and challenging to go through.and go through you did. instead of stopping .that's so amazing. and relationships are always growing and evolving and stretching us aren't they.