>small type

>i love 2 light u candles with my words
warm u with small type
approach your soul without ever coming close
and let u see my heart without showing you a picture

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22 responses to “>small type

  1. >Claudia:You are the most romantic poet around, adore your sweet musical notes to your love.Luzern…– you were just there last week how lovely , it must have been beautiful the lake Lucern –Joanny

  2. >@ joanny – i think that YOU are the most romantic soul at blogosphere i met so far…and if you'd ask my husband, he wouldn't confirm i'm that romantic…smiles@ crystal jigsaw – yeah – that was the idea – i have met such great people on the web and even if i will never see them or meet them, we still build friendships and learn a lot about each other – that's great

  3. >CLAUDIA! Your POST! It is what you do already…daily…right HERE! And believe me, it is felt, appreciated…………..and loved!in small type…i can only hope you see some of that in some of us