>afternoon dream

>wrapped in warm autumn sun, i fell asleep on my terrace
and you were there to pick me up as soon as i’ve closed my
eyes – unconscious if still awake or dreaming already i gave
in and let me drag along on an autumn leaf boat that swung
high into the air.
you met me in the tree on high mountains and there was
no need to be afraid.
you showed me the treasuries of snow and hail, you’ve
stored for the battles, that are still to be won – and your face
was serious and loving.
we were riding through battle fields when the wind blew and
the rain fell and blood mingled with wet soil and colored leaves,
that covered the ground – they all fell and i couldn’t save them.
when you wiped away my tears, i felt your love fill the
place – and you said it’s not my battle we’re in but yours and
i knew you were right – and i saw you fighting with the blood
you shed.
my heart was beating loud with fear and the pace of the war
drums – and i never felt as helpless and weak – and i never felt
as protected and loved because you didn’t leave me out of your
sight for one single second – and you had a lion’s eyes and a lion’s
heart. when you took me out of the battle field and brought me
to your nest on top of the highest rock i’ve ever seen, i was
shaking with fear and you spread out your wings to protect me
and i felt your heart beat close to mine. and when the shadows
grew longer and the winds blew cold, your love was my sun
and your wings were my shield and what i’ve seen in your eyes
was a love i would never deserve and still, you are pouring it
out on me with every single sun ray.
when i woke up, the sun was gone and the shadows had reached
the place where i sat – but something deeper had touched my soul
…with eagles’s wings.


16 responses to “>afternoon dream

  1. >Ah, those last lines, Claudia…so utterly beautiful, "the sun was gone and the shadows had reachedthe place where I sat – but something deeper had touched my soulwith eagles's wings."Poignant, wise, passionate…and very enticing, your words are wonderful.

  2. >…einfach schön, Clauia, danke!Ich bin wieder "zurück gekehrt", aus dem Urlaub und aus der selbstgewählten Abstinenz von der Bloggerei…Hab mich auf deine Beiträge schon gefreut, dabei fand ich auch den Blog deiner Tochter, hat mir Freude gemacht, dort zu lesen…

  3. >The comments have already said it and I hate to be repetitive, so I'll only say one word – beautiful.First time on your blog, but I must follow and return to enjoys some more.

  4. >A war of the spirit. A war of principalities unseen. A protector in the midst of it all. This is such a beautiful piece that resonates strongly with me, Claudia. Just wonderful. 🙂

  5. >Quite spiritual, very beautiful. A powerful piece, with some great imagery. And by the by, in case you didn't catch my response to you on my blog, my e-mail's: shadowedwolfe @ gmail.com.

  6. >From the beginning we know we're in a dream, and you take off, as dreams do, on many flights with many creatures and feelings – nothing grounded or planned out – just drifting, transforming, floating and then – Awake – normal – but with that tiny bit of left-over dreamy feeling. Reading the piece was like being in your dream with you. Nice one, Splitter!