>because of rocket traffic in my brain, i can’t think – straight – any more
and get lost – in your eyes – that display – my tiniest moves – and – give me wordless – direction
together we climb…. h g h – and l….slow – slow – motion
…as if time would hold….. it’s breath..
please… don’t stop….ever…to look at me like that

this was written for g-man‘s friday flash 55

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28 responses to “>rockets

  1. >Claudia…This would be amazing if English were your first language.Since it isn't?It's SPECTACULAR!You have such an insightful perspective on life and Love.You are one of my Favorite authors in any writing form. I feel truely blessed to be visited by you. Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End…G

  2. >ClaudiaYou make me envious,,, for I know you are writing from your heart about your life partner and the love you two share,,, now if any one ever says to me 'true love' does not exist, I will have them read your poems, beautifully penned SIGH!Cheers,Joannythanks for the lovely comment warm hugs to you.

  3. >One is swept along by this piece' breathtaking passion, Claudia. Vivid, real and deeply felt. I especially liked the phrase "as if time would hold….. it's breath.."