>Delights & Shadows

>you lie there – right in front of me
your back reflects on the black
polished wood like in a mirror
and i assess you, wondering
if now is the right moment
to try

but am i ready for what you
have to give?
heart beats nervous
will i get what you want to tell?
breath unsteady
am i in the right mood?
is there such a thing?

i have my hopes set high
built hurdles up like mountains
too high to jump and
for getting away without
blood-stained knees

the thought of being bruised
and disappointed
frightens me
and keeps me from taking you
and giving you a try

the anticipation of what you
could do to my soul
birthing deepest delights
or casting darkest shadows
is growing every minute
but i don’t want to waste this moment
on some squeezed in space of busy day

so instead of reading
i write, so that the mountain might split
and welcomes me to enter
when time has come

I’ve ordered “Delights&Shadows” of Ted Kooser after J. of “thinking with an open mouth” wrote a poem about it and recommended it to me….and when I got it, I was afraid to start reading.
So i wrote this poem and e-mailed it to J. to ask him if it was ok to mention him when posting it. 
He was ok and liked the poem and asked if i would allow him to play a bit with it. I told him to go ahead and was curious what he would do.
He didn’t change a lot – but he took some of the “stones” and re-arranged them – so the flow changed. And when he mailed it back, i was amazed. He also asked lots of questions and helped me look at it with others than just my own eyes – and so a process of editing started…and i’m really, really thankful he took the time. He’s an amazing writer and i love what he writes over at his place.
So this poem still bears the core of what i first scribbled down – it still makes my heart beat wildly when i read it – it still feels so familiar – but with a dash of a non-familiar spice that I wouldn’t have thought of putting in – but glad i did because it adds so much to the taste.
So that was kind of fusion cooking and I hope you enjoyed eating…


23 responses to “>Delights & Shadows

  1. >nice. very cool collaboration…there is an underlying sensuality to this…and bit more…i owuld like to see the origianl as well…and i might check out delights&shadows as well…

  2. >Would have been neat to see the original version vs. the posted one.Having read this without knowing the background, it had a totally different perspective to me…like meeting someone for the first time, someone important, and being frightened of how the meeting would go. Claudia, I hope you enjoy the book – when you're ready to 🙂

  3. >Hi! Claudia…I have to second the previous comments…I would say that collaborating with Ted Kooser worked out well too!Claudia, while reading and after reading your poem, I thought of the word…challenge.Thank-you, and Ted Kooser, for sharing!DeeDee ;-D

  4. >ted kooser is my favorite poet. i have his books and read them periodically. his visions of nebraska is amazing. so cool we love the same little known poet:)and i totally dig this one of yours, especially the back reflecting in the wood, and mountain splitting open. beginnings and ends, girl:)

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  6. >Engaging, and beautiful–so vivid, raw. The collaboration turned out wonderfully, though I would indeed be interested in seeing the original as well.

  7. >With life, come risks.. sometimes we need to take 'em… else we will never know…And sometimes, we need to take 'em just cuz they thrill and excite us! Wonderfully expressed in this poem, Claudia.. it was a very inspiring read…thank you for sharing this lovely piece at our poetry potluck!!