>love letters


love him most when he smells of metal
and has oil-stained hands….

i don’t write you love letters
’cause you’re not a reader
and even if they mean a lot to me
they may not mean the same to you

i try & use the language of love
you speak & enjoy
sometimes a foreign one..
and if my letters make it to your heart
and if you don’t return ’em to sender
it makes my day

this was written for g-man‘s friday flash 55
and Emily’s imperfect prose on thursdays


37 responses to “>love letters

  1. >Hi! Claudia,This poem is strong, but yet delicate, and very straightforward.By the way, what a very nice upgrade…even though I enjoyed visiting your former blog too…One thing that I know is true…The substance remain the same. Thanks, for sharing!DeeDee ;-D

  2. >This was so sweet, Claudia – love letters in the language someone understands. It's wonderful to see someone you love in their element, isn't it? So beautiful!

  3. >sometimes we must alter our methods to facilitate love no? Finding an effective way to translate our love – as you just said – now that is love!

  4. >This is a day for love poems, yes? Emily wrote one, too. And I love your simple ode. It says so much that is good about your love for your man.

  5. >I think you had me at "Erick Kästner" in your profile blurb on the right side here, but the poem was very sweet as well. I like the idea of a realistic language of love. Much more important than actual love letters 🙂

  6. >Claudia. One like you who is so imbued with the art of giving love, will NEVER have trouble expressing that love, no matter the language, even to 'signing' or braille. (Ha! Braille–that's easy, ya just 'feel' your way around–grin!)None of yours will return to sender. EVER!GREAT "55"…Mine is HERE but first, I loved YOURS!Like your design and coloring …VERY much!

  7. >… if you don't return em to sender… fantastic claudia. you and your husband sound a lot like us. i loved seeing a photo of him. of hearing how you love him with his way of voice. you inspire, friend. thank you so much for linking. xo

  8. >Claudia…You are such a Romantic And a Great representative of Love!Great 55 My Dear.You Rock Deautchland Baby!Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End…G

  9. >This poem is so true. But I think I'm going to start writing them to Tim again, even if I never give them to him, to remind me of why I love him. Sometimes I need reminding.xo Erin

  10. >This little poem has some serious beef to it! Beautifully written, and the message is strong. It's so important to put our own way of loving in back of our love's best way of loving…yet it's so hard to do! Our nature keeps wanting to love the way we want to be loved. This gives me pause. Thank you for that!

  11. >Greet him at the door with a bottle of oil, a smile and nothing else! He'll get the idea! ;)(The kind of oil you choose is up to you – I'd go with a 30-weight)Have a great weekend, Claudia!

  12. >Love letters not returned to sender, a great ending for a wonderful love story continued.Love your new backdrop, your poems are still delicious to read, and love the ruby red roses and peek at your love under the car.I think I will borrow a page from your book and do combining of meme,s once in while. Missed Emily's wish I would have thought of this, too.

  13. >Awww… this was direct and honest! With an odd romantic feel to it… Lovely piece!! Say it the way "they" understand..not just the way you wanna say it! And like you said, the smallest form of acknowledge can sometimes mean a whole lot more to you, than maybe to them!Beautifully expressed!Oh.. and btw, I dig this new look! 🙂