>i stand on top of that hill
and the scent of pines fills the air

i play my song towards the mountains
and adapt to the hum of the forest
dark and mysterious
and my tune sounds sweet
when you respond to my song

your fur sparkles like silver
soaked with moonlight
your muscles move as you walk..
you look strong
and in your eyes is something
that disturbs me

when you howl at the moon
i join in with my playing
almost unintentional
and i shiver at the beauty of the sound
and feel danger linger in cool night air
when you move towards me

and feel too weak
to run away

and i play yesterday’s songs
to keep me from forgetting who i am
watch you come closer
fight the wish you would move faster
play harder
push my breath not to give up
force my lips to hold the embouchure
until it hurts
and urge my brain to remember
the songs of commitment and strength
i used to know

the moon reflects on your velvet fur
it looks like pure luxury
and i wonder
if it feels as soft as it appears to be
when it would streak my arms and legs..
you look strong

and my song of struggle fills the night air
and awakens the birds
and out of the trees they fly to sing
and i remember the path
to join the sound of dawn
prepare a trail for the sunlight to shine
push back the darkness by breathing life
and gain strength

just enough
to watch you go
without wishing
you’d turn around

This was written for One Shot Wednesday 


36 responses to “>wolves

  1. >oh snap. nice one claudia…glad you remembered that song before he got you…it was sensual…and mysterious…and a little frightening at how close we let them get at times…great one shot!

  2. >Awesome… having just returned from the boat in Georgian Bay (Massassauga Prov. Park) I can feel this piece. Thanks for sharing. Nice One Shot. I too love the new look Claudia! Love and Light, Sender

  3. >being disturbed as such can be so exhilarating. you have a movement to your pieces that can't be taught. so nice.i also like the new presentation, full of passion with the red roses.by the way, i still think about your offer about the bible verses. my mind is chewing on some project coming nearer. sometime, i'd like to correspond with you about it.:)

  4. >Fear, sensual sentiment, and tension combine. Such a great poem! The lines "and i play yesterday's songsto keep me from forgetting who i am"Your writing continues to amaze me, Claudia. A wonderful One Shot

  5. >Something so primal in the cry of the wild, something that urges one to join in. I know that urge and you articulate it so well in this work. I "felt" this work. Thank you. Gay

  6. >Is this your werewolf fantasy? Have you been watching "New Moon" recently? (LOL! Just kidding!)I liked the intimate connection between the player, the music and the wild beast. Well done, Claudia!

  7. >I like the struggle you express, how it can be so hard to do what we know we should, what we think we should..I tell my oldest every now and then, "If it was easy than no one would want it". I think you've said it better here.BTW – all I needed here was a little more time, and some good good coffee:)

  8. >I bow down to your masterful work. OMG – this has immediate vividity, evoking goose bumps, fear, thrill, delight and curiosity and awe – all at once. "night-wrapped" pulled me into the scene, and "my tune sounds sweet when you respond to my song" pulled me into the heart of the human. "Just enough to watch you go without wishing you'd turn around" the poignant realization that wolf is wild and though we share the universe, the chasm between us is uncrossable.Suggestion: Remove the words "I can see" and start with "Your muscles move as you walk". You pull the reader out of the scene and back to the awareness of the poem being written by a writer when you use I saw, I thought, I felt. Try to go directly to the sight, feeling, sound, or action. It's more intense, and in this poem, intensity is exactly what you are dealing with.

  9. >I love the new skin Claudia..BEAUTIFUL! SOO AMAZING,JUST perfect for you..i enjoy coming here always..your poem touched me inside,this darkness beats into my heart..great one shot..:)

  10. >i have said it before and i will say it again..i cant believe that english is your second language..your write so beautifully..this was great, the howl, the mystic, so right up my darkened streets..cheers pete

  11. >Wow, Claudia…how romantic is that?! I was watching a beautiful wolf stalking through the moonlight, her breath hanging in the cold night air…really 🙂 Great piece that just drew me in.