>sand in your luggage

>3 a.m.
you just entered the door and fell right into my arms
back from a two weeks summer camp in france
sun-tanned, curled hair
you smell of beach and summer-sun
sand in your luggage
you were fifteen when you left
we make good for the remote birthday kiss now
you look so happy and i hold you tight
and smell your hair
and the excitement of days on the beach
that mingle with exhaustion of a 15 hour bus ride

go to bed princess and leave your luggage with me
and when you wake up in the morning – i’ll have left for work
but out of the open suitcase will flow the scent of the atlantic ocean
and welcomes you home


24 responses to “>sand in your luggage

  1. >Aww, welcome home for you both. I like the new look Claudia. You have so much romance around these parts, that the roses just seem to ooze and compliment the feel of the place. Very pretty.

  2. >Touching! In my wildest dream I would never have realized so many fine–EXCELLENT–poets, philosophers an writers out here–all for FREE! And YOU Claudia are right there as one of the best!Have a wonderful week with your daughter. How beautiful life really IS!

  3. >I like this poem, especially the idea of the scent of the ocean flowing out of the suitcase. Mine never seems to smell of anything good. 🙂 I'm glad you and your daughter are safely back together.

  4. >Aaawww… the little one returns to the nest, safe and sound. By the way, Claudia, if I haven't already said it then I love the new look for your site! Fabulous!

  5. >I like the flow and form – combined with your affection for her, they all work great together! Glad you have her back,J.