>consume me (a magpie tale)


(Picture by Willow of Magpie tales)

don’t get me wrong – i know i was born to be consumed
i just didn’t think it would happen that way
half-hearted and in a rush

you know, i had my dreams, hanging on that tree
blossoming and growing
and get ready for you – ripen for you – sugar-coat for you
the one to pick me and look at me with longing eyes
the one who would carefully smell and then take the first bite
admiring – cherishing the fruity sweetness i have to offer
licking my soft moisture – chewing my flesh
catching overflowing juice with his tongue
and close his lips – tight and caring – around me

but you just came and started to consume all my treasures
thoughtless – busy with other things – and then left
and forgot about me

it could’ve ended here – but luckily my hero came along
and when he looked at me
his eyes had the expression i was dreaming of on my tree
and when his lips touched, i felt his hunger – for me
and when his tongue revived my juice to flow again
it was much better than all i’ve hoped for

and i gave everything – joyfully – lavishly
and let him consume me
in a flush of fruit sensation – in an orgy of delights
in a carefree feast of taste
and now
bury my seeds  – cover them with soft soil
and wait until life has it’s breakthrough again

This was written for writers island and magpie tales – jump over there and have a look what others do with the prompt


59 responses to “>consume me (a magpie tale)

  1. >So apples have thoughts, just as worms, and feelings, core desires and disappointments, and happy endings. Also they spread their seeds of joyful living all about the world.OK, a GOOD one, girl! Mine is HERE

  2. >"I just didn't think it would happen that way – half-hearted and in a rush"What a clever use of the virgin apple, historical temptress, only this time not doomed to leave the garden with everlasting sin of lust stained upon its soul, but given a second chance with a lover who is there because he loves, and the love expression becomes perfectionWonderful piece – well written

  3. >Good heavens, this was strangely erotic! Dare I admit that? Romantic too. And kinda tragic to start with, but then that "cycle of life" ending kicks in, so all's right with the world! A piece of fruit took me on quite an emotional journey! Who knew? πŸ˜›

  4. >Vivid and beautiful, Claudia. The personification is profound and effective, and quite a delight to read. Your ending too is marvellous – the continuation of the magnificent circle that is life.

  5. >I never ever thought apples could have such deligtful thoughts of pure and true LOVEThis is awesome Claudia!Now I understand Eve so much better… and no snakes necessary to be about…;)D.

  6. >This is wonderful. I love the way that you give the apple new life. It bothers me when food is anthropomorphasized and wants to be eaten – why would food Want to die if it were alive?! But you give it live anew. Wonderful!xo Erin

  7. >Claudia,Eating an apple will never never never be the same again for me, thanks to your post.And I love your blog. It looks ravishing and inviting.

  8. >Suz! I am shocked.Reminds me of the famous pear eating scene in the movie Tom Jones, where the boy and girl sit opposite each other and devour each other by proxy as they slurp and gobble their way through ripe succuleant pears, eyes locked, juices flowing down their chins. Orgasmic!

  9. >Claudia, I'm just a cherry boy, anewcomer to your wonderful blogand provocative poetry. Much likemyself you picked up on the sensualundertones and pinnings in Willow'spoem, and magpie challenge. Yourpoem has the zest of an afternoondelight, coming to us through a pieceof fruit; very clever wordsmithing.Nice to make your acquaintance.

  10. >And thus the apple spoke!! AWESOME!! I am glad it found its real admirer… Totally savored this read… just like that juicy fleshy apple… YUMMY!!! πŸ™‚

  11. >I can promise you this; I'll never eat an apple the same way again. You have managed to make it an erotic experience…Dang, what a poem! I would say more, but I need to go to the grocery for some…uhhh…milk πŸ˜‰