>i bow low

>when it gets darker
and my feet start to stumble
upon small things

when the sight is bad
and i can’t see clearly any more
and fog covers my brain
like a thick blanket
….it’s time to seek you

when the accuser reminds me
of yesterday’s faults
and i know he is right
and pain clings to my heart
like a sticky drop

when i run out of life
like a dried up river
and when i lose my melody
in everyday problems
like in deep waters
….it’s time to seek you

i bow low
hands touch the keyboard
feel for a song
and i start to play
chords that mean nothing and everything
chords that touch my soul with peace and hope

i find a rhythm and a rhyme
and i pour out words of worship
with mouth – heart – soul
from deep within
never knew they were there
but now – they long to be heard

and i pour out oil of devotion
across your feet
and would dry them with my hair
if it was long enough

and i bow low
and kiss the son
with hopeful lips
and my song flows
like water from a mountain well
and begs to wash away the pain

and i bow low
and seamless we connect
i’m made for this
and i start to sing
the song of the redeemed
and it would mean nothing without you
and i would run dry without you

i find you in the rhythm
and out of your mouth flow words of hope
and touch me…

i find you in our melody
and you come close
and wash away the guilt

and i bow low – i’m ready
to let go
to fall
to love you back

and i bow low
until you lift me up

This poem is written for Emily’s imperfect prose on thursdays


29 responses to “>i bow low

  1. >Claudia, it seems our hearts are in the same place as we write today. The "everydayness" of your struggle speaks to me. Thank you for your words. They're confirmation.

  2. >Oh how I am right here …"when the accuser reminds meof yesterday's faultsand i know he is rightand pain clings to my heartlike a sticky drop"your words bring tears to my eyes, I truly FEEL them!

  3. >I have been singing, today, too. It's been a little dark and difficult around here, and I've been singing, and an old worship chorus came back to me: "Praise ye the Lord, bless ye servants of the Lord, which by night, serveth in the house of the Lord, in the house of the Lord." And I thought of us, His servants, praising Him in the night, in the times of darkness. He is the lifter of our heads.Thank you for this lovely poem.

  4. >What a beautiful reminder today of where we need to turn, the light we need to see. I love the "lose my melody in everyday problems"…so true!

  5. >Claudia…Even though English is not your first language.You have a command of it better than Most.Don't ever be afraid to attempt ANYTHING!!!Your writing…Words…Emotions, are fantastic!!

  6. >claudia this is beautiful…those moments of surrender and supplication…one of my fav stories in the annointing of the feet by the immoral woman…think of how He must have smelled of her worship for days…

  7. >to kiss the son with hopeful lips… i feel this is me on a good day when i dare to hope, to breathe, to have life kissed in… and then the other days, yes, the low bowing, the tears, but oh, the lifting up! your poetry here is beautiful and such an encouragement.

  8. >Your words speak of such a strong faith Claudia – it brings to mind so many moments of need, hurt, and growth as I read it. This one plays like a song, with my mind wandering through each measure. Well spoken,J.