>fleeting moments

>maybe it never happened – really
but i thought i can see it
like the airy swing of grass blades in the summer wind
or a seconds flickering of light on the beach
caused by fast passing clouds

i also thought i can feel it
like the unintended touch of a stranger in a crowded bus
or the swishing leaves that streak your naked arms and legs
when you climb up a tree

and i was almost sure i smelled it
for some seconds
as if the wind carries the scent of fresh baked bread
when you drive past your favorite bakery

but when i wanted to grab it
it was gone
and the more i thought about it
and the more i wished it would emerge
the more it escaped and drew back

i wanted it to last – and struggled
to find out what it was
that felt so sweet and desirable

i wanted to explore and fractionalize it
and find the formula to replicate

but maybe these moments
are just not made to be re-played

they are unique – precious – fleeting
they are born and they vanish – almost at the same time
and that’s why they never wear out
and that’s why i never get tired of them

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40 responses to “>fleeting moments

  1. >Living, speaking, feeling in present tenses. Keeping the moment alive and lively. I believe that's the way to live too. Thanks for posting a reminder to stay in the moment. Gay

  2. >Loved all your visuals that made the desire for replaying that perfect moment come so alive. So true, how often we want to replay that moment and that particular moment cannot be replayed in the same way.

  3. >Beautiful and profound, Claudia. Your similes are breathtaking. I suppose that is the essence and the wonder of perfection – it, like all things, is transient.

  4. >I felt a breeze playing in the backround of the poem. you could almost turn around and …What whimsical beauty you have created my dearglad you shred it at One ShotMoon love and smiles

  5. >"but maybe these momentsare just not made to be re-played"yes, I think you have it there. Lovely, but…I have to say (my minor criticism), I don't overly care for the change in tense that you use in the beginning of your poem. While perhaps it has more purpose than I am grasping right now, I find it is distracting for me the reader. Just my 2 cents worth claudia, although God knows you create some exquisite poetry. I haven't even rubbed enough creativity together yet to make some delightful prose, so you have me beat. Nice thoughts, but I just thought that you might appreciate the occasional creative criticism. Not meaning to offend.Katherine

  6. >Absolutely lovely and absolutely true. Life is full of those little delights gone almost before you realized they were there. Like ephemera of the spirit.

  7. >This was perfection, Claudia!! It's those fleeting surprise elements that retain their charm because of their very nature! And how beautifully you've portrayed it here!!! Me loves!! Reminds me of a couple of posts I had posted a while back on something similar… Oh…how these moments inspire us!!!

  8. >Moments and memories are fleeting but leave a lasting impression. Beautiful capture of both. The poem was very fluid and quite enjoyable. Thank you for sharing!