>a ride on the night train

>i know i stand in line…
and nothing goes backwards and forwards

i wanna steal away – run away
and escape life’s tight grip
that holds me with iron chains
shake off all pressure and duties
and take a ride on the night train

i’m the only passenger
i’m disconnected
i’m restless
i’m unmastered
i’m wild
and i run through these corridors like a mad man
and search for tomorrows like a child

and i touch the emptiness of this place with all senses
and i connect to empty spaces like a lover

there’s nothing to see ’cause it’s dark
and there’s nothing to hear ’cause it’s silent
but there’s speed – and i feel it

my forehead leans against the window
it’s cool and damp from condensed breath
and my fingers draw lines through the fog
create a picture
and wipe it away into moist spots,
that drip down my hands and arms
and leave dirty trails of incomplete works of art
and missed opportunities

and when the window gets fogged up again
with warm breath – lips almost touching
i look into the eyes of a stranger
and i wonder – are you with me on that train?
are you with me in this silence?
are you running the corridors next to me?
are you..?

when i get out
i’m neatly dressed
i’ve washed off the watermarks on my arms
like i never got out of line
like i never asked questions
like i never painted on fogged up windows

no one has seen me – taking the night train

…except for the engineer
and when i walk past the locomotive
i see his eyes..

This was written for Carry on Tuesday – jump over there to read more “i know i stand in line” stories
….and to explain it a bit…when writing this i had psalm 139 in mind – no matter where i am – he will see me and is already there – and my darkness is not dark for him but shines like the day


22 responses to “>a ride on the night train

  1. >I would think that most poets, at one time or another, feel what you so aptly express in your poem. That wild urge, that drive to finger paint on fogged windows, that need for speed lest the words be lost before borning. Elizabeth

  2. >No explanation necessary.I rode that traintrack, just a different car, as you know from a recent post.what I needed on that train was the engineer, someone gave me a ticket, and I forgot: "psalm 139 in mind – no matter where i am – he will see me and is already there – and my darkness is not dark for him but shines like the day"thanks for the reminder.we are all connected, no?Dianne

  3. >we are in good hands with the engineer…brilliant write claudia…love the bit about drawing ont eh windows…i tend to do that a bit…night train or otherwise…happy sunday!

  4. >You capture human emotion, and the thoughts of the artist, so wonderfully. This is a breathtaking poem, that sweeps one along with power and poignant beauty.

  5. >Seriously, what can I say in the face of this?! Fantastic read, Claudia, and I had a sneaking suspicion about who the engineer would turn out to be. Turns out I was right! 😀

  6. >I so get this where I am right now in my life. I found the poem so satisfying and perfect. Thank you. And praise God that He is our Engineer.

  7. >Awesome! I really enjoyed this poem and then when I read the note connecting it to scripture, I even enjoyed it more! So true…He will never leave you, nor forsake you.

  8. >You linked together the prompt, the psalm and your feelings so beautifully in this piece. A joy to read.Thanks for supporting Carry On Tuesday. Pieces like yours makes all the work worthwhile.

  9. >Oh my goodness!!!! is this ever a fantastic poem! Wow. I especially love "I……. search fortomorrows like a child and….I connect to empty spaces like a lover." Beautiful. Just beautiful. I like it even better after the explanation at the bottom.

  10. >"i wanna steal away – run awayand escape life's tight gripthat holds me with iron chainsshake off all pressure and dutiesand take a ride on the night train…"I think that every human being that can comprehend life (I'am excluding newborn babies and very young children…) have experienced this in their life.Hi! Claudia,This is a very lovely, and very reflective poem. I'am always in search of "deeper" meaning(s) in your poetry or words.Thanks, so much for sharing!DeeDee ;-D

  11. >Wow what an amazing poem. I enjoyed every word. I love to scribble on fogged up windows and of course express myself. You did wonders with the cot for this week. Thank you for sharing.