>160 – playing life with a half-time feeling

>the beat of life gets faster
i struggle to play along in time…in line…breathless
half-time switch
pace stable
B R E A T H E 
now…there’s space for my melody

sometimes life seems just too fast paced – and in our Saxophone workshop last Sunday, we were talking about the half-time feeling. So the beat stays just the same – but the improvising musician changes semiquavers to quavers to crotchets and plays less – is more relaxed and that gives a mood change to the whole piece – and some space to breathe and relax for the musician…
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21 responses to “>160 – playing life with a half-time feeling

  1. >ClaudiaYou are amazing, so much talent, so much energy. Really nice 160 too.JoannyI cant see too hook up to MM it isn't updated did you get through?J….

  2. >Beautiful, melodic and so true. Too often in life we rush everything and forget to actually live. As Gandhi said, "There is more to life than increasing its speed."

  3. >Too funny – I always felt the opposite about cut time!The struggle and thent the breath – it sure is life, well done:)

  4. >Oh yes, Claudia…sometimes, when time seems to be flying past, all you can do, is take a step back, and breeeeeathe… and after some time, things start falling back in place, out of the 'fast-forward' mode, and into the 'play' mode :)Very neat 160!!!

  5. >that was excellent..pretty much like my talking actually, especially when i am explaining or leading a crowd…i have so much to say and am so out of breathe when i am finished..cheers pete