>55 – Watersong

>Tic – toc – tic – toc
the clock is my only companion this early morning

You look so sad – with your leaves hanging down…
…I was too busy to water you

And I wonder what else i forgot…
to do – say – feel…

And I long to sing my watersong into the darkness
and let you rain on me…

Friday flash 55 – tell a story in 55 words – and link it back to g-man
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48 responses to “>55 – Watersong

  1. >Poor plant waiting for water. Sometime our to-do lists seem never-ending. You captured this morning moment so beautifully, Claudia.

  2. >I agree with Susannah, Claudia…the poignancy of that phrase resonated with me too…I often wonder what I've forgotten in the busyness of my days..Keep singing!Lynette

  3. >You totally reminded me to water my plants!!! LOL! Sorry if I have too literal of a interpretation of your poem…but I love it! You are so real and include day to day honest stuff in your writing that even I can understand 🙂

  4. >I just loved the last two lines of the poem.." And I long to sing my watersong into the darknessand let you rain on me… " — a unique image shared. Thank you.

  5. >I have the plastic kind..heheheheLOTS less effort.Loved your 55 though Claudia.You do have a way with words.Thank you so much for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End…G

  6. >well said. a gentle reminder to stop in the middle of all our buzyiness (is this a word?) lol — and remember the simple things we so often forget.smiles,

  7. >"watersong in the darkness," something about that line really speaks to my soul.Really liked this, even tho it is so sad and the writer filled with guilt over what went unsaid and undone. xo

  8. >Hmm.. how those morning moments make you introspect… it's a good thing.. We all need such moments.. before once again getting caught up in that everlasting race!A very well written 55, Claudia