>prose dust

>some poems are born in that small space
between just being awake and falling asleep
they surf through my mind like restless seagulls
screeching their message towards my sleepy ears
when all filters are already shut down

and they have a walk-over – unhindered
they drift – full speed ahead – through my brain
the streets are theirs – not much traffic
as if you drive on a highway at 3 in the morning

and they start to mold like clouds as they move and change
and get a structure and a face
and i wonder if i would like them if i were their reader

but i’m no reader and no writer then
just a feeler…
and i try to feel their pulse as they pass by
all fragments – carrying tiny baskets of prose pollen
and loose some on their way
and it falls with the wind… and dusts my sleepy face

and i… let it happen.. and enjoy their tender touch
while they slide past like small boats on a quiet river
and i just watch them as the wind blows their sails
and enjoy their fragility… until i loose sight

and i wonder what it was
that made me get up and write this one down
while others slip away
and remain forever unwritten

maybe it was just because i liked how it felt
when its dust touched my face like a tender kiss
and i wanted to be kissed again
while i sit with low light – ready to let happen
whatever it would do

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46 responses to “>prose dust

  1. >claudia, this is perfect…writing poetry is just like that…some stick around and some fade back into the ether until their time or maybe never…this feelt good reading….nice one shot!

  2. >Funny, my inspiration usually comes when I'm awake and I'm supposed to be thinking of something else. I'll see something which will remind me of something then send me off into a reverie. I really dislike that I lose a lot between thought and either the pen and paper or the keyboard. Great poem!

  3. >Lovely lovely poem of the ethereal quality of inspiration and the way it grows or dissolves. I love the kiss image – that was beautiful!

  4. >I wrote a note once that said life is poetry. Yours is too!Well done, and I too am glad that you heeded this one.

  5. >Claudia now that you have alerted me, I shall be on guard. It hasn't really happened for me like that yet. But I hope it will. It seems more like chasing sun beams for me, always just out of reach. But I know it is there.

  6. >Wonderful post, you reall capture the creative moment and the inner dialogue of the writer. One little nit pick: i would remove the AM after 3. 3 in the morning would smooth out the flow of that line. AM is redundant.Great post Claudia

  7. >Thanks for giving the words life and feeling. I am constantly called by the moon to write late at night. Otherwise words slip silently away.What would writers do at 3am if they could not write??? Sleep???? Preposterous!!Thanks for shooting this to One ShotLove from the Moon

  8. >@ Leslie – the only problem is that i have to get up at 5 a.m. to get ready for work….but as long as it happens only once and a while….love from the ever sleepless earth..

  9. >Claudia – yes this is how it is..waiting for words…they seem to float into your head – some remain, some fad away – they have their own personality….bkm

  10. >Beautiful poem about poetic inspiration, Claudia. Reminds me of waking in the middle of the night to jot down lines and considering how readers (or feelers) may interpret the lyrics. cheers 🙂

  11. >some poems are born in that small spacebetween just being awake and falling asleepThis happens to me all the time…I so feel these words!

  12. >You really got me Claudia! i so relate to that one,poetry writing is in my blood..ever since i was 12,and some words really come,flow..just like that..others fade away..i learned to always let them be either ways..it is their ride :)) beautiful read darling..:)

  13. >What a marvelous post, Claudia. That is just how it happens sometimes. Wonderful that you not only captured the process, but also the product of the Muse's midnight manufacture.

  14. >hi claudia, again you have written and shared a great poem…i keep a book next to my bed as i hate waking up with a line in my head..i jot it down so i can go back to sleep..its these pieces that usually form the first line..from these first lines i then start a ramble..yep i have waffled..but thanks Pete

  15. >Oh Claudia, this was delightful and lovely!!! I totally feel like this in the dead of the night, in those few moments when I am just about to sleep… In fact I too had written a poem on these lines a coupla months back.. (here it is, just in case) :)I absolutely LOVED the way you've described the little thoughts that flash into the mind in those wee moments!!! A fascinating read!! 🙂

  16. >Hazzah! Splendid, Claudia. Nice to see someone else has written on the lines of inspiration as well. To see the creative process hard at work…beautiful. This is just how it happens at times…

  17. >Claudia, I really loved this poem. It is exactly how I feel when I write my poems. Again I had to skip this week, but this time it was not because I was busy, I just was not inspired enough. Thanks for capturing the feelings of every poet!

  18. >Claudia:You are full of surprises in your poetry, interesting that your are a "feeler" , I can relate to that feeling very well too.Cheers,JoannyAmanda from Buttercup and Jamie Dedes from musingbymoonlight, passed a lovely awards on to me and I am passing it on to you as an Outstanding blogger super comments award, stop by and pick them up they are at the end of the post and not the side bar. http://thedowsersdaughter.blogspot.com/2010/08/paused.html

  19. >Claudia,Loved the flow of words and specially these 2 lines cause it's just how I feel:))"between just being awake and falling asleepthey surf through my mind like restless seagulls"Power to your thoughts!suja

  20. >Oh, this is just a splendid poem, Claudia! It captures perfectly the serendipitous nature of inspiration, and the spontaneous ways we react to that inspiration. Loved this one!Lynette