>160 – the hunt

>take your spear
and hunt down some food for your family
and when you come back to our cave
bear in tow….muscular…..sweaty…..scratched
i’ll take good care of you

..hubby was on his way to buy some Döner Kebap for dinner…
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32 responses to “>160 – the hunt

  1. >Claudia:Ah enjoyed this — very interesting, indeed. Clan of the Bear family, I hope you enjoyed your roast for dinner.Sweet.I sort of had a similar Sunday 160 — a different Clan — mine was the Clan of the American Eagle, although a disclaimer, we did not harm any birds in the writing of S-160Cheers Joannyhttp://thedowsersdaughter.blogspot.com/

  2. >A passionate and earthy 160, Claudia and a very enjoyable read. Indeed, our caves have merely got more sophisticated and our methods of hunting more expensive 🙂

  3. >Ha! I always get this feeling when my hubby comes back from the supermarket to show off any big bargains he discovered. "Look! Skinless boneless chicken breasts…half off!" His chest all puffed out like he plucked the darn things himself!Creative 160, Claudia…well done!-C

  4. >I've wanted to comment on your comments but my reply would be too lengthy to type here. Is there not an email link embedded within your website?