>a true savior


i may have spent all of my life
lying in this bath tub – watching my toes – splashing the bubbles
and suffer silently

and every bubble
that burst with a muted tsssch – close to my ears
hardly audible for anyone else
was a quiet accusation

i wouldn’t have gone anywhere
think i was just too afraid to leave..
at least the water was warm and gave me some kind of comfort
while i was drowning in guilt and hopelessness

and when you came and pulled that stopper
(for whatever reason i allowed you to do so..)
i gasped in horror – watching all my safety disappear
slipping from my hands in slow spinning circles
until i lay naked and stripped of all i had built my life upon

you were there, this moment of utmost vulnerability
and you took a towel and wrapped it around my shivering soul
and held me tight – close to your heart
and it felt like coming home
when you whispered lover’s words – and covered my bareness

This was written for magpie tales – jump over there and read others as well


44 responses to “>a true savior

  1. >The metaphor of the bath is powerful and vivid. Your writing evokes strong emotions, whilst also transporting one to the scene described. Wonderful magpie.

  2. >A lovely poem, expressing so well fear and vulnerabilityand the comforting warmth of understanding and Geborgenheit.Hallo Claudia,Danke fuer deinen Besuch bei mir. Ich bin sehr froh, dass du dich gemeldet hast, deutsche blogs mit Herz und Verstand suche ich. Und wenn die blogger dazu auch noch Englisch schreiben, freut es mich umso mehr.

  3. >ooOo, your blog let me in this time! Yay!I love your poem about a transformative moment, albeit almost against the speaker's will. Sometimes we do need another caring soul to help us get to the next place, don't we?Thank you for all of your wonderful, thoughtful comments at my Word Garden, Claudia. They are all very much appreciated. 🙂

  4. >A lovely piece of writing, Claudia. When all looks lost and we get afraid, things aren't always as bleak as they appear. Maybe the washing off of the old leads to better things that are new. We are usually at our most honest and open when there's some vulnerability involved. I enjoyed reading your words.

  5. >Oh Claudia…. I really like this! To me, this represented someone coming into your life with absolute love and caring, and the surrender to that emotion. Just a wonderful write!! Rick

  6. >Hi! Claudia,Your Magpie Tales, was very beautifully written…"before" I read your comment and then "after"reading your comment your Magpie Tales, tranformed from the "physical" to the serenity of the "spiritual."Thanks, for sharing!DeeDee ;-D

  7. >Phhheewww… at first, it got me wondering what would happen next.. but the end got me heaving a sigh of relief.. She is safe, in his arms… What a lovely sensation that is.. All the emotions and feelings have been so well expressed in this poem, Claudia.. you have done a marvelous job at bringing out a lovely flow in the poem… Kudos, my friend!!!