>55 – fireflies

>i wish we had more fireflies
to dance in my garden on nights like this
when i can’t sleep & sit in the dark
and watch the black night sky

i would imagine they’d dance just for me
glaring like fen fires on the moor

and i watch them carry their sparkling lanterns
through half closed eyelids

before i fall asleep
on fresh mowed lawn

Friday flash 55 – tell a story in 55 words – and link it back to g-man


39 responses to “>55 – fireflies

  1. >I wish you had more fireflies too because I'm sure you would write about it and I, of course, would love to read it!I like the mood. I can very much relate to sleeplessness, and the idea of company is very personal. Very welcome.Great poem Claudia!

  2. >I'd come dance around in your yard.. but that might not be a pretty sight and would surely keep you awake at night!I haven't seen any fireflies yet this season.. would be a lovely sight indeed.

  3. >I LOVE fireflies. When we used to live in the suburbs of Boston, the apartments we lived in were surrounded by conservation land and was wooded and we always got tons of fireflies in the summer. Beautiful poem.

  4. >P.S. When you can't sleep at night (like half of Blogland!) you can always send me an email (address on my profile page)and who knows, I may be awake too! lol 🙂

  5. >I love watching fireflies – there's something mesmerizing about the way they flit about, little lights guiding one's thoughts, one's dreamslovely 55!

  6. >Beautiful sensual earthy poem, loved sleeping outside on the lawn with my partner watching the night sky, and other nocturnal critters. So, true to the fellow Oregonian comment we do no have fire flies here in Oregon. They were part of my fond memories living back east.Cheers, Joannyanswer to your ? the words come first dancing in my head and come tumbling out across the page.

  7. >We have had Millions of fireflys all Summer long!And it has been a beautiful dance.Wonderful 55 My DearYou Rock Baby!!Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End…G

  8. >Oh, I simply love this poem. The imagery of the fireflies like fairies dancing on a moor; the ancient words sprinkled like fairy dust to open our eyes to the magic:"glaring like fen fires on the moor"I want the firefly fairies to come and dance in my garden, too.

  9. >thanks for the comments in my blog,Hello, How are you?You are invited to attend Thursday Poets Rallyhttp://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/08/25/thursday-poets-rally-week-27-august-26-sept-1-2010/Thanks for the attention!Happy Wednesday!;)I know you have a busy schedule,I love your poetry,please ignore if you have other meme planned ahead of the time…thanks for all encouraging comments.