>on shaken kingdoms & flower trails

>my house is a house of tears today
and my kingdom is shaken
’cause the princess left for Bolivia

my princess’ flower-painted bike
is standing in our garage
and everywhere i go, i see her colors shine
she’s left flower trails in my heart
and wherever she went
you won not only me with the love
you breathe so naturally
and with the seeds you sow along the way

and now – i let go – happily
and say good bye to a part of my life for a while
it’s the right time for you to fly
Basle – Frankfurt – Sao Paulo – La Paz
take-off into a new adventure

my princess has left
to take that brush, she painted her bike
and my heart with
and paints flowers of hope for bolivian children
when some of them lost everything
and you will win their hearts like you won mine
when you help ’em learn to read and write
and reveal places of beauty and light
with gentle brushstrokes

This monday my 19 year old daughter left for a year in Bolivia. She will help in a school with around 4600 students – some of them with their parents in prison or having drug problems. She will write a blog – but didn’t decide so far if she continues in german or switches to english – if you wanna have a look..

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41 responses to “>on shaken kingdoms & flower trails

  1. >i know your heart is heavy to see her go..but it seems you have the right attitude about it..she will touch their lives and that is a noble cause…smiles.

  2. >Oh so hard, I'm sure. But I bet you are one proud mom too! Love this poem…so lovely, I can just feel your heart for your daughter.

  3. >You must be beyond proud of your beautiful daughter. It is soooo hard to see them leave for long periods of time. But there is such solace in the heart connection – that makes it bearable…well, almost.

  4. >you are so lucky to have such a wonderful daughter to share with the world. it's no doubt terrible to let her go, and somehow incredibly wonderful too.best of luck to you both!

  5. >oh claudia, this is so precious. my heart aches with you… this makes me think of my own girls and how fast i know they will grow. parenting is always about letting go, isn't it? the fact that she is growing and exploring is testament of the firm love planted in her heart by mama. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. >Oh, this is so beautiful. My son is only four and I have a difficult time letting him sleep over his friends house. I fear how I'll fare when he boards a plane and flies to another time zone.

  7. >What a fabulous opportunity, a wonderful thing for your 19 year old to be doing. An experience she will never forget.My Theme Thursday is posted.PG

  8. >This beautiful poem speaks to my heart Claudia. My daughter was recently engaged to a young man who lives in Paris. In less than a year she will be moving so far away. It is so hard – those good-byes.

  9. >This is a beautiful tribute to the daughter you raised and her heart all growing. I am at the other end of life with little ones running, and yet this reminds me that these days will fly and soon my princesses will fly too. What a bittersweet day.

  10. >I agree it is hard to see them go, but I kind of think that is why we had them – so they can make their own decisions and their own way.Thank you for telling us about it.

  11. >That is one of the most difficult parts… to let them fly away…Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself.On ChildrenYour children are not your children.They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself.They come through you but not from you,And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.You may give them your love but not your thoughts,For they have their own thoughts.You may house their bodies but not their souls,For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow,which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.You may strive to be like them,but seek not to make them like you.For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.You are the bows from which your childrenas living arrows are sent forth.Kahlil GibranloveNlightGabi

  12. >oh claudia… what a beautiful heart your daughter has, to share with those in need… this, such a gifted tribute. thank you so much for linking today. love e.

  13. >Claudia, this is so beautiful! The picture you painted with your words is more beautiful than a thousand pictures.May God's hand of protection be over your daughter, and may she be a light in the darkness to the children…

  14. >I can only imagine how heavy your heart is right now. A year seems like an eternity, I'm sure. But I also know how proud you must be. This is such a good thing she is doing. I looked at her blog, and didn't understand a word, of course. But what a beautiful young lady she is!

  15. >This was a great post. I loved the line "everywhere i go, i see her colors shine."I have many years to go before this but I'm sure the blissful sadness of this poem will be mine as well.Very nice

  16. >Your relationship with your daughter is beautiful. She is blessed to have you as mama. Prayers sent her way….(and yours).

  17. >To do work for others is worth great respect. She will learn so much during her time helping others – what a proud mom you must be!

  18. >A beautiful lady to make a mother proud. Glad she is going to help but I understand the pain. I have one just about ready to sprout wings Love to you dear friend

  19. >Aww my daughter disappeared for a year in 2008, missed her like a limb but you'll be glad to know there's internet in Bolivia, Skype was a godsend for me, just like having her in the next room.

  20. >Hi! Claudia,I wish your daughter a safe journey and I'am so "happy"to read how your daughter touched your life-now she is going to touch others lives. She must have been raised very well to be such a kind and caring person too!Thanks, for sharing!DeeDee ;-D

  21. >Hi Claudia,thank you for commenting and sending me this link. it is beautifully written from the heart. i have goose bumps and tears, but that's okay, because words written in the ink of love are supposed to do just that.i will venture over to your daughters blog.hugs, love, and warm smiles,jessie

  22. >I love this, and know a mother's pain when our daughters fly the nest – but how wonderful that she will be doing what she is doing – her heart must be large and aware, and this will grow it even bigger. Wow. Great poem, and a great daughter!

  23. >oh mammidanke, dass du mir den link geschickt hast, ich hab ehrlich gesagt gar keine zeit, deinen blog zu lesen… das mach ich dann, wenn mein laptop wieder geht.aber das gedicht ist wunderschoen! ich hab sooo geweint – im internetcafe… ๐Ÿ˜‰ ich hab dich lieb!!!!!!!!!!!!