>Set sail


you look so peaceful
but i can almost hear your longing for open waters
for new fairways and waves that play their games
and i can feel your yearning for the wind to blow your canvas
and take you to foreign countries
you look so peaceful
and one could think that’s your place – right in the harbor
protected from the storms of life
but i feel the restlessness in your soul
that ruffles through the ropes and shouts with a loud voice
“heave out”
you wait for the one
to come on board and hoist your sails
and take you to the places you’ve been dreaming for so long
the places out of range right now
you look so peaceful and content
with the afternoon sun warming your planks
swinging gently on the waves
but you bluff the observer
your world is the ocean and not the harbor
and i know
This is for one shoot sunday, a picture promt by Adam Dustus

15 responses to “>Set sail

  1. >hi claudia..this is a beautiful poem…the type my wife would prefer i write…that aside i loved the use of the boat as a way of describing someone's thoughts about a relationship and wanting adventures new..great share with One Shoot..cheers Pete

  2. >Lovely, I like the photo too. THe sailing metaphor is a strong one, the creaking of the masts and the straining on the sheets as the boat ploughs through weather. Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday.

  3. >Oh, so vivid … makes me long for the times when we could go out on the water. I just feel the sun on me, warming my old bones as it warms the planks of the boat.Wonderful job, Caludia.

  4. >Beautiful. Sorry I missed this, Claudia. The pun on "bluff" in the last stanza, as both a deceptive and nautical term, epitomizes your great ability with words poetic lines. cheers!